Wednesday 5 May 2021

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Kniteforce Radio (May the 4th 2021)


This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Kniteforce Radio
(www.kniteforce-radio.comon 4th May 2021.
Presented & hosted by GL0WKiD.
Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

May the 4th is the Star Wars day to us all who believe in the mantra 'May The Force Be With You'. It's the day of darkness, hence my latest radio show included loads of aggressive vibes, darkcore Hardcore with the likes of Switchblade Digital, DJ Mark C, Bong-Ra, Champion Breaks, The Pulse and also some Oldskool Hardcore (e.g. NJOI) to keep the vibe alive.
A show on which I've announced also my big forthcoming special Guest that is .... ehh.. on the bottom of this blog..

Massive bigups to all chatroom crew of Kniteforce Radio, all silent listeners. The show's from now on on a weekly basis so see you next Tuesday 11th May at 17:30 [UK TIME].
Till then, check out the tracklist of the recent GenX mayhem and enjoy the recorded broadcast.


Star Wars Intro
Orestiz - The Force Awakens [2015,SELF RELEASE]
B2N - So Be It Jedi
DJ Flow - Epic [2013,KUT OFF RECORDS]
Psychosomat1c - 1993 [2016,SELF RELEASE]
El Laurie - Ice Cool [2019,SELF RELEASE]
Sidestalker - Aerolite [2020,SELF RELEASE]
Bong-Ra vs The DJ Producer - Glowstyx BANGFACE VIP [2013,BANGFACE]
DJ Mark C - Warehouse Rave [2013,STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
Champion Breaks - Earful of Coke [2013, SELF RELEASE]
Pressure - Sadragga [2006,UNRELEASED]
AGT Rave Cru - You Shop We Drop [2010,BALKAN VINYL]
Ennnn - Cause It's Kinda Funky (EGL Remix) [2016,TREKKIE TRAX]
Nice1Tom - Freq! [2020,SELF RELEASE]
Unison - protivokonstatacia
The Prodigy - Crazy Man (Paul Cronin's Just Add Water Remix)
Whizzkick - Breakstorm [2008,HARDCORE PROJEKTZ]
Shitmat - s950-003 [2015,PLANET MU]
Bizzy B - This Is Computerised (Pursuit's nu-rave 2018 remix)
Moz DJ - What's Power [2021,FUTURE JUNGLE MUSIC]
Search & Destroy - The Future (Chapter I) [1995,MOKUM RECORDS]
Njoi - Drumstruck [1993,DECONSTRUCTION]
The Pulse - Goodbye Mr President [2020,KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Beats Are Broken - Meet Your Destiny [2017,SWITCHBLADE DIGITAL]
Acen - Play 2092 (Danny Styles Remix) [2020,KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Special Request - Spectral Frequency [2020,R&S]
Black Box - Ride On Time [1989,DECONSTRUCTION]
Coco Bryce - The Force Will Be With You [2021,KNITEFORCE RECORDS]


Beware of this one above.... To every fan of Black Box and Daniele Davoli (who's also an Italo House pioneer).. Feel free to send me your audio messages of love to this incredible '90s disco' band. Date of the show to be announced

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