Wednesday 28 April 2021

Got interviewed at The Deluxe & Bradders Podcast

Oi Oi!
My dear friends, as you can guess from the header foto, this time yours truly got the interviewee role, being guest on the Deluxe & Bradders Podcast. And to be honest, it was more than fun being invited from these two great soldiers of Kniteforce and talk about anything throughout Nu-Rave music, my city Athens and Acropolis, my early sounds, influences, The Prodigy, till some traditional greek dishes and essential stories from this personal glowing decade etc. Oh and by the way, wanna learn my real name as well? Now you can (lol)

And just in case you're wondering who is who behind this podcast.. Well Deluxe is a mighty hero from the golden days of Hardcore Breaks and still rolls with his productions and his label, Lazarus Recordings.

"Bradders and I were delighted to talk to GLOWKiD about life, the rave scene and everything in between. This podcast was a lot of fun as it was out first time in actually interviewing the interviewer! GLOWKiD was, and is, a cornerstone of our scene and it was an absolute joy to get to talk to him. So listen now! Big Ups to the GLOWKiD!" - Words by Steve DJ Deluxe

As for Bradders (a.k.a. Paul Bradley) he's the next big thing, new generation of Kniteforce Records as I can call, co-manager of Second Drop Recordings alongside The Lowercase.

"What an honour and a pleasure it was to interview GLOWKiD, the well respected rave-scene interviewer and blogger himself. We jumped at the chance to have a chat about topics both relevent and random, learning new things along the way, and most importantly we got a rare glimpse at the face behind the mask! Big up GLOWKiD, big up Deluxe, and the biggest of ups to all the listeners!" - Words by Bradders

So you can follow the links above, to learn in a good way about what's glowing over in Athens ... Feedback and comments are warm welcome.

"Join Deluxe and Bradders as they kick of a new season of podcasts. They travel to Athens (metaphorically) and sit down for an hour or two with one of the finest bloggers of our time and a true warrior of the dance - GL0WKID!!!

Hear what goes into a great Moussaka recipe, why Bradders needs a new chair, how to deal with lockdown and much more. And it wouldn't be a Gl0wkid podcast if we did not explore his obsession with the Prodigy, who he'd like to work with, and who his favourite interviews have been with!

This podcast gives us an insight into the man behind the mask (and the shades) and shows why he is a shining example to all ravers across the world.

So.... GL0WKID!!!"

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