Saturday 3 April 2021

'The Generation X Crew' has turned 1 year old


Hey! We have a birthday here...
On this day last year it was released my first personal compilation album. A release, which came out digitally through Intensive Recordings from Poland (label run by the mighty Nefti) and got also some limited CD prints via Sonic Fortress.

Wanna know how was the progress of this rhythmical rollercoaster?

Around late of 2017, I had the idea to release a compilation that will help out some good friends and listeners of my radio show, from all around the globe. The project started with a big list of friends producers, then I tried dissecting each one of them and the actual style that this album would represent. I'd just wanted an uplifting Hardcore Breaks style; rather happy than dark mode. So I contacted the final lineup of producers, and in the 
early days of 2018 Beats Are Broken from Brazil has sent me the first track of this album, 'The Dreamer', as it showed the way to the rest of the story which started to roll slowly but effectively.


Some of you might be wondering why it took so long to be released. Above board, we've been working the tracks closely, talking very often with the majority of the producers, and ended up also with a superb artwork design credited to Greg Sin Key from Poland (dziekuje Grego!), being displayed in its best on the limited CDs from Sonic Fortress.
The latter friends from SF, have also sent me some words about this 1st anniversary of my compilation album:

" One year ago we were honoured to be involved with Intensive Recordings and GLOWKiD with his project, a compilation album that he put his heart into. A compilation showcasing the talent spread across the World, Artists from Japan, Thailand, Greece, Poland, Germany, UK & the US. Sales also went even further afield to China, Russia, Brazil, Israel, France & Norway, which shows that this sound has fans and an audience all around the globe! The past year has been horrible but it's great to see so many people keeping this sound alive and when we get out of this hopefully, IntensiveGLOWKiD and ourselves can unite once again!
Big,big love to GLOWKiD and all that he does! Shouts out to our Polish brother Nefti and the Intensive crew!

Grab yourselves a copy and play the tracks and mix them, there's a lot of great artists out there and this is a fantastic introduction to them! Grab a copy from your favourite digital store, or add to your playlist on Spotify. If you'd like a physical copy, grab one of the remaining stock at:

Congratulations GLOWKiD, can't believe it's a year already! " - Words by  SONIC FORTRESS

Not to forget my adorable Polish crew, so here are some fresh words from the Nu-Rave king Nefti on behalf of Intensive Recordings:

" What can I say.. This album is great, and after 1 year from its release, not get old! Fresh tracks from great producers from all over the world is the true power of it! The international selection made by GL0WKID shows the new era of Hardcore Breaks! Hope to see the vol 2, when it will be ready " - Words by Nefti

Just for the record, the album has reached No.26 of Beatport's Breaks releases Charts. 
And it's still available there to grab your digital copies and in other major digital platforms:

All in all I got to say from the bottom of my heart that every single track of this compilation means something to me, every producer is also a friend that came out through my show, through our movement and without any borders or negativity. Music connects people and it's the key to transcend ourselves in order to forget this chaos that has surfaced since last year.

Again, massive bigups to Yudaidhun and Amaretto from Japan, Beats Are Broken from Brazil, Schnez, Amiga Breaks, Monks & MortInsane & Mind and Paul Cronin from UK, Vitality from US, TNO Project from Germany, Orestiz & Pressure from Greece and last but not least Damage Inc. and Nefti for everything extra and functional to bring into life this release that went down a storm before even getting unleashed. Also each and every one supporting this release, playing out these tracks, showing love and mainly being into the spirit of this album despite the madness surrounding us.

One more thing. People have been asking me if there are any plans for a second volume. I'd just say that we'd focus on this great material at the moment, cos it's still fresh sounding. However there will be something in the future. Never say never.
Till then I'm looking forward to your opinion, your comments about which track you like from this album or anything else you want to say.
As you can realise we're running a glowing GenX weekend, so I'd suggest you to stream again loud & proud the full album in full circle.

Happy 1st anniversary then to all GenX crew! Big glowluv fellas!

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