Friday 7 May 2021

'Dreamlanders' - Black Box celebrate their 30th anniversary

It's the year 1990 and a magic trio from Italy, namely Daniele Davoli, Mirko Limoni and Valerio Semplici, come up with one of the greatest records of that time.
'Dreamland' was released on 8th May of that year, and it instantly became double platinum in Canada and Australia, and gold over UK, USA and France. It has displayed a high variety of anthems from the best selling record of 1989 'Ride On Time' to 'Strike It Up', 'Everybody, Everybody' 'I Don't Know Anybody Else' or even the cover of the late 70s track 'Fantasy' by Earth Wind & Fire. An unforgettable record that many generations have felt it a lot, and still do!

Into the point. Some of you might be wondering, how's the band 30 years after...


Well, in the pre-Covid era they've toured worldwide, releasing also a new song with Celestine Walcott-Gordon on the vocals; she remains the main singer from 2018 to date.

Moving to present's time, and the band celebrate the 30th anniversary of the extravaganza 'Dreamland' releasing a new album by the title 'Dreamlanders' via their known imprint Groove Groove Melody.
This new album includes 9 remixes on the classic anthemic tracks of 'Dreamland' and it aims to evoke that album feeling in a more emotional way. The featured versions are quite different, unusual and deeply and heartfully expressed by Black BoxNoteworthy the disco version of 'Ride On Time' and 'I Don't Know Anyboy Else', which both take you to a burning 70s dancefloor. The album comes out digitally at the moment and it's available to purchase and stream in major platforms. Suffice to say that the demand is already high from the fans that would love to get it on a physical format as well.

To all Black Box fans:

Be a part of my forthcoming showcase tribute to the band. Feel free to send me your audio/voice messages of love to them. On behalf of this tribute, I'll host an interview with the main man and legend, Daniele Davoli (For more info check here. Date of the show, to be announced)

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  1. Black box, my favorite band ever, never ceases to uplift my spirit, every time I listen to their music. I have most of their albums on CD. I bought my first cassette tape, Dreamland, when I was in high school.