Friday 28 May 2021

GenX specialties on Kniteforce Radio (June 2021)


The question is...
What does GL0WKiD cook for the upcoming shows on Kniteforce Radio during June?
The answer is below..

'BLACK BOX Special Tribute' with an exclusive Interview with one of the Italian magic trio behind the band, the main man Daniele Davoli who talks about his work under many projects such as Wood Allen, The Mixmaster, Starlight, his early records till his Hacienda residency, the birth of Black Box and how it feels like 30 years after, while having released also a new album.

1st June 2021

'DJ Terrace (Guest Mix + Interview)'
The man of the moment as I can call him, Terrace is one of those sophisticated new blood discoveries I found a month ago over Bandcamp and Soundcloud and I was instantly attracted by his ruff 160bpm hardcore breakbeats.
Watch out for this one and double heed please if you run a label. This producer is top notch!

8th June 2021

The Prodigy have announced a new track, first official right after Keith's loss. One way or another I'm about to give a sequel to a 'Prodigy Remixed' show I did 8 years ago, coming among my podcasts on The Prodigy Fanboy which provide prodge remixes.
Expect a good quality and quantity of fan remixes for the ..Champions of London.

22nd June 2021

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