Wednesday 26 May 2021

GLOWKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Kniteforce Radio (25th May 2021)


This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Kniteforce Radio
(www.kniteforce-radio.comon 25th May 2021.
Presented & hosted by GL0WKiD.
Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

My latest live show is 90 minutes of a fusion of styles from the Nuskool arsenal of Hardcore Breaks to Jungle, Footwork as well as few Oldskool classics... There's a new track by Coco Bryce under his DJ Y moniker, an unreleased/unsigned new track from B I N O ( a producer who got introduced to you two shows ago, then forthcoming new 12" Vinyl EP by the Spanish Ruff House Records ( and loads of new stuff from Kniteforce's outstanding Hectic Records bundle.

On top of that, worth to check out two dreamy and euphoric vibes that I came along the last month and I totally feel them both. Props to Joseph Ray, (co-founder of NERO) and Prayer for their unique style of tracks as well as my personal new recommendation is the first compilation by Serbia based Nü Kvlture ( Nothing else to add, just to bigup again all live glowing crew for the support and a reminder to show your honest support to the artists & all labels behind these quality tracks.


DS1 - Unfamiliar Home [2021,KNITEFORCE WHITE]
Outrage & Digital - Made in England (Timeless Remix) [2008,J-TEK]
Mata - Good Enough
Ramos & Supreme - Sunshine (Try Unity Remix) [2021,KNITEFORCE]
R.O.P. - Got To Be Free [Forthcoming,RUFF HOUSE RECORDS]
DJ C.H.Z - Love The Bass Bomb [2020,4 THE CORE]
Paul Cronin - Kings Of The Underground [2021,RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
Ramos & Supreme - Crowd Control (Pete Cannon Remix) [2021,KNITEFORCE]
Insane & Mind - (Feel It) Fantazia [2020,HOH]
Gordon Garro - The Secret Song [2020,SAFE AS]
DJ Nexus - A Ride [2015,FREE DOWNLOAD]
DJ Y - Modern Wank [Forthcoming,DANCE TRAX]
Altern 8 - Hard Crew (Samurai Breaks Remix Feat. DJM) [2020,STAFFORD NORTH]
340-auch - Homeless Club [2020,UP1236]
SCJ - One by One [2016,FREE DOWNLOAD]
The Prodigy - We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Remix)
Flowtech - Velvet Soul [2020,NU KVLTURE]
Joseph Ray - Lose My Mind [2021,BIG BEAT]
Prayer - No One Left [2021,HOOVERSOUND]
Krush Juke & Fat Hipster - UIL21 [2020,NU KVLTURE]
UK Apache With Shy FX - Original Nuttah 25 [2019,CULT.URE]
Shy FX & Breakage - Michael Knight [2021,DIGITAL SOUNDBOY]
Kosheen - Hide U (DJ K Trap Remix) [2016,KILLA RECORDS]
ABSOLUTE - My Love (Mixtape Edit) [2021,SKINT]
Wood Allen - Airport '89 [1989,BCM]
Black Box - Strike It Up [1990,DECONSTRUCTION]

Closing with a kind reminder, not to miss out next Tu(N)esday's showcase...
'Black Box' Special including also an exclusive Interview with Daniele Davoli, one out of three Italian wizards behind this successful 90's dance act!

Ride on Time at 17:30 [UK] on

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