Monday 2 November 2015

Movember's 2015 glowBLOG

So good to open my inbox and seeing a pretty good email invitation.

I'd repeat it once again, humbly sayin, that it's quite honour & pleasure seeing all my effort and work getting to a higher level day by day, sometimes losing my sleep the truth is but nevermind, its how feel like doing, staying devoted to the scene and helping out producers, labels and anyone keeping it real..
So getting to the point.. I've received an invitation for a VIP complimentary ticket for the HUGE eve of upcoming Bass Music Awards 2015 .

Props & respectz go to Kidson co-founder of Bass Music Movement and the hard workin guys over On The Rise Promotions like Jay Cunning & Terry Hooligan!

Finally finishing this blog of thoughts, wishing you all having a great month, as we've entered the month of moving and dancing, Autumn's Movemember! So keep it hard & pumping all around and in make sure to grab your ticked for this huge event with a great lineup on Ministry of Sound on 12th November 2015! Buy your tickets here


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