Tuesday 17 November 2015

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio 17 NOV. 2015 [FULL SHOW & TOP 5 of the Week]

This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio on 17th November 2015 - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD
Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

2hrs of Nuskool Hardcore, Acid,Breakbeat vibes digging once again a different aspect of raving attitude with the usual glow energy on the weekly GenX 'Hardcore' mission! Exclusive stuff been featured plus all the latest bangers you need to check out.

Worth to mention some exclusive airplays on Orestiz 'Sucks To Be You' which is unreleased & unsigned one and Teksteppa's 150hcb 'Dreams of the Future' which will be released @ Strictly Nuskool Blog around January 2016 as a 4track personal EP from Teksteppa.

...need more info? Better checking out the showcase & digging all vibes included!
Show your support 2 the producers & labels involved as deserves!


Special Request - Take Me [XL RECORDINGS]
Agents of Rush - You Know The Score
DJ Wislov - Time To Play [KODE 5 RECORDINGS]
Missqulater - Tune For Clever Cunts [ENCOUNTERS RECORDS]
FFF - Scream For Acid (Missqulater Remix) [ENCOUNTERS RECORDS]
R-Zone - 3-2-1 [R-ZONE]
SR & Digbee - Body Swerve [36 HERTZ RECORDINGS]
Special Request - Amnesia [XL RECORDINGS]
Motivbreaks - Save Me Tonight (92 Revival Oldskool mix) [VIM RECORDS]
Sideflip - Morning Rave [SUBWISE]
Altern-8 - Infiltrate 202 (Nefti Remix)
Channel X - Rave The Rythm (Deadly Nightshade Remix)
Xenophobia - Syko DF [XENO RECORDINGS]
Spiral Tribe - Breach The Peace [BIG LIFE RECORDS]
Hijack - Style Wars (Stormski Hardcore Mix) [STAY ON TARGET]
The Panacea - Feelgood Tune [ELECTROMAGNETIC]
DJ Rave in Peace - Its Real
Nicky Allen - Sunshine [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
Chiqui - Ragga Tekno [WT RECORDS]
Pursuit - DJ's Mixing (Paul Cronin Remix) [SAN FRANSISCO NIGHTS RECORDS]
The Prodigy - Charly (Alley Cat Remix) [XL RECORDINGS]
Teksteppa - Dreams of the Future [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
Luna C - Piano Progression (Malice Remix) [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
ISE - Baby It's A New Way
Orestiz - Sucks To Be You [demo]
Paul Cronin - You Gotta Find The Light (Orestiz Remix) [DRED COLLECTIVE]
The Prodigy - Weather Experience (Damage Inc. '09 Remix)
Enzyme - Rush Me Tonight
CRIP - Outside World (VIP Mix)

LISTEN to the showcase here


05. Channel X - Rave The Rythm (Deadly Nightshade Remix)

04. Motivbreaks - Save Me Tonight (92 Revival Oldskool mix) [VIM RECORDS]

03. Xenophobia - Syko DF [XENO RECORDINGS]

02. Orestiz - Sucks To Be You

01. Special Request - Amnesia [XL RECORDINGS]

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