Tuesday 10 November 2015

COCO BRYCE (NL) Guest @ Generation X [RadioShow] Planet Rave Radio - 10NOV.2015 [FULL SHOW + REVIEW]

This show was recorded as broadcasted
Live @ Planet Rave Radio  on 10th November 2015
presented & hosted by GL0WKiD - Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

Dutch DJ/producer/label manager COCO BRYCE guesting on my radio show dropping a wicked selection of Oldskool Hardcore, Hardcore Breaks, Jungle bits including also stuff from him and his label, alongside unreleased ones!

A good chance to get to know him better aswell, as he's being interviewed talking about his early days, forthcoming releases  and also the latest big collab with FFF, titled as MYOR MASSIV 001, a split which is available on vinyl and digital format.

Worth also to mention that Coco Bryce is my first Guest for the new season shows! Brace yourselves for more good surprises in the pipeline!

Check out full featured tracklist and showcase link above

  • GL0WKiD - Tracklist
Albin Myers & Carli - The Legend (Busy Tempo Original) [NEST HQ]
Monsta - Messiah (Feed Me Remix)
Sideflip - D.O.T.P.D. [SUBWISE]
Altern-8 - Activ-8 (Damage Inc.'s 92 Rave Revival Remix)
DJ Rave In Peace - Void of E Motion
Orestiz - Wake Up And See [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
Pursuit - Buy Now Pay February [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
Dubsknit & PZG - Trip 4 The Moon [POLISH JUKE]
Machine Girl - Electronic Gimp Music

TRACKS on the background:
Coco Bryce - All Rite People
Pixelord - Love Is [Coco Bryce Rave To The Slythm Mix]
Coco Bryce - Jonathan
Coco Bryce - Interlude Rave

01. Coco Bryce - Runnin [MYOR MASSIV]
02. Satin Storm - Let's Get Together [SATIN STORM]
03. Thumps & Bumps - Hardcore Sound [KHK RECORDS]
04. DJ Nex - When I Come I Come Ruff [STAFFORD (NORTH)]
05. FFF - Free Your Soul [MYOR MASSIV]
06. Aeon Flux - Reality [7th STOREY PROJECTS]
07. China White - In & Out [VICIOUS PUMPIN' PLASTIC]
08. Red Alert & Mike Slammer - 123 [SLAMMIN VINYL]
09. Red Alert & Pepsi - Don Gorgon Sound [BRAIN RECORDS]
10. Ham & Poosie - Thinking About You [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
11. Payback - Dope [LABELLO BLANCO]
12. Dead Man's Chest - Cut-throat Hardcore [INGREDIENTS RECORDS]
13. Abyss - Lighning, Earthquake & Thunder [MYOR MASSIV]
14. Coco Bryce - Sideways (The Real Message) [UNRELEASED]
15. Coco Bryce - Deeper And Deeper [MYOR MASSIV]
16. Coco Bryce - Worm Hole [UNRELEASED]
17. 2 Damn Rude - Zion Gate [PHARAOH RECORDS]
18. Coco Bryce - Soul Pride (JUNGLE BOOK)
19. Ed Rush - Guncheck [NO U-TURN]
20. Orca - Untitled [FORCE TEN]
21. Shaka - Phobia [AWESOME RECORDS]
22. Coco Bryce - Turn Out [UNRELEASED]
23. Coco Bryce - The Mother Goddess [UNRELEASED]

  • GL0WKiD - Closing tunes

FFF - Mash Up The Bloodclat [PRSPCT]
Bizzy B - Twisted Mentasm VIP


FREE DL: http://bit.ly/1NqZC3g


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