Tuesday 3 November 2015

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio 03 NOV. 2015 [FULL SHOW & TOP 5 of the Week]


This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio  on 3rd November 2015 - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD - Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

I shall begin my review with some words by a friendly and supporting US producer of this show like Vitality, saying: "...I like how you are on your weekly journey / exploration...when you go searching, you're not sure what you are going to find. And I think that's one of the big appealing aspects of the show!".

So this week's showcase is about 2hrs of Breakbeat Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Early Hardcore sounds!

Busy week, double-busy days digging into stuff and receiving lots of promos, and all of that makes every show different each week. And so on, this week's promos were some unreleased stuff from Inspector Sands (who's about to release his personal album 'Can't Stop' out from CLSM late this year) and also UK's breakbeat hardcore/Drum & Bass producer like Jack In Box and his personal 2 tracks, forthcoming on his label Future Breakz Records.

Regarding more new featured tracks, worth mentioning about

Luna-C's timewarped version of 'Sweet Harmony', Dutch established hardcore machine like DJ Promo and his new big album like 'Nostalgia' , Dave Skywalker's label like Endor Recordings which returns with volume 12 and 'Suspicion of Murder' By James Vision and Mr. Sparkle is taken from this release and finally new labels like Brain Surge Entertainment and Halloween's special offering from Murder Channel with braindamaging 'Headcracker' by Deformer.


Oneplayz ft.
Martyna SiermiƄska - Rebel (Vitality Remix) [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]

Okidam - Rise and Fall (GITS Stand Alone Complex 1st Gig Theme Song remix)
Inspector Sands feat. Si Genaro - Can't Stop [CLSM]
Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Timewarped by Dj Luna-C)
Virus & Milo - Searching [ELECTRONICA EXPOSED]
Untitled - Untitled
Jack In Box - Old Skool 
Hurce - Interception [LILIUM RECORDS]
Gammer - Good Day [Bad Day] (Mitomoro Remix)
James Vision & Mr SPARKLe - Suspicion of Murder [ENDOR RECORDINGS]
Yudaidhun - Rule Me Tonight (DieTRAX Remix) [NOTEBOOK RECORDS]
BUZZMASTA – Sweetest (Gen's Coffee Jelly Dub In May)
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ganja Man (CLSM & Chris Ross Remix) [CLSM]
Marra - Hippy Hardcore
IRultimate - Time For Trumpton [BRAIN SURGE ENTERTAINMENT]
Casketkrusher - The Flow [RADIO ACTIVE HARDCORE]
Track Killer - Rhythm Flow [BRUTAL FORCE RECORDS]
NiActivity - Under black [NOTEBOOK RECORDS]
Raggamortis - Vibes
Hamsta - When It Comes To Beatz
AleX Tune - Let The Bass Drum Pump Me Up [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]
AleX Tune - Ultimate Style
Promo - True 2 Da Art [THE THIRD MOVEMENT]
Vicious Conspiracy - Molten Fury (Radio Killah Remix) [IMPORTANT HARDCORE]
Noisia Ft. Skin - Nothing Matters (Promo & DJIPE Bootleg)
Goreshit - Game Over. [HAKAI SURU RECORDINGS]
Deformer - Headcracker [MURDER CHANNEL]
Dave Skywalker - Pandora VIP
Coco Bryce - Elektro Dynamikx [MYOR]
Coco Bruce - Up A Couple [MYOR]
Coco Bryce - 4am [MYOR]


05. Inspector Sands feat. Si Genaro - Can't Stop [CLSM]

04. Jack In Box - New Life [FUTURE BREAKZ RECORDS]

03. Promo - True 2 Da Art [THE THIRD MOVEMENT]

02. Casketkrusher - The Flow [RADIO ACTIVE HARDCORE]

01. Yudaidhun - Rule Me Tonight (DieTRAX Remix) [NOTEBOOK RECORDS]

Don't miss next week's showcase with my special guest, the Dutch producer/dj/label manager like COCO BRYCE on the guest mix and getting interviewed.
Tuesday 10th November 2015
17:30-19:30 (UK TIME) @ www.planet-rave.com 

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