Thursday 6 October 2022

Top 5 Vinyl Recommendation (Autumn 2022)

Shades of Rhythm - Eden: Every Shade Extended Boxset
[Kniteforce Records]

Kniteforce Records offer once again a (g)oldskool piece of beauty with one more legendary act joining the (knite)forces. This time it's Shades of Rhythm coming in full fire right after their amazing P.A. at Knite Club on 17th of September, releasing their long-awaited KF boxset and the return of Eden.
This one includes six 12" Vinyls with remastered versions of the classics among new remixes with the likes of Altern-8, The House Crew, Luna-C, Blame, Jimmy J & Cru-l-t, Nookie, Hixxy O.S & Ramos, Sunshine Productions. Noteworthy to mention that the artwork is created by the legend Junior Tomlin, known as the 'Salvador Dali of rave' from back in the day.
Warning: Act fast and order your copies now cos this one's will be sold out very quickly!

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V.A. - Flatliners #2

Flatliners is a sub-label of the established Drum & Bass label, Straight Up Breakbeat from Finland. Their latest offering is a massive sophomore EP showcasing the talents of local heroes such as DJ Sofa, Aeon Four, Infekto (aka Rico Tubbs) and ESC. In a nutshell we're dealing with a modern Hardcore dish made by some of the elite of Nordic producers. One of those records that should not be missed out from your collection and will eventually make you happy purchasing something from the happiest nation in the world. Not to forget also their first EP in case you slept on that.

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Z-Neo - Trueskool EP
[Rave Radio Records]

The German genius, known off his eminent 'New Hope' EP from last year, has just returned in order to deliver an even bigger dose of hope with his absolutely mental new vibes. From the bottom of my heart I got to admit that THIS IS THE BEST HARDCORE BREAKS RECORD OF 2022 proudly put out 30 years after the Big Bang of Hardcore Breakbeat!
Meet 'Keanu Raves' and his gang on a 12-track illustrious journey!

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V.A. - The Secret of the Spirit
[Paranoid Recordings]

Paranoid Recordings is one of those labels that steps into the inception of the Nu-Rave era and their new plate is a once again a mixed dish covering all different sides of hardcore breaks spectrum. Get timewarped to the year 1992 accompanied by hard breakbeats, catchy pianos till a ragga piano breaks masterpiece under the title 'Vinny's Theme' by Finnish duet, Nervous & Anxious.
Top notch vibes - banging record!

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Four Jacks Vol.3
[Four Jacks]

Label head honcho, Boca, leads this new release with three original new oldskool hardcore inspired burners from him coming along with his guest, Humb (manager of Döner Beats) who delivers an atmospheric junglistic slam. And, if you're wandering around Bristol you can catch up Boca playing out live among FFF, Fracture and many more others here.

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