Friday 28 October 2022

Generation X [RadioShow] pres. Z-Neo Special (Kniteforce Radio - 25th Oct.2022)

This show was broadcasted @ Kniteforce Radio on 25th October 2022.
Presented-Hosted & Artwork by GL0WKiD.

Although this period is very hectic to me due to my studies, the 'Trueskool LP' by Z-Neo has set up the right flame deep inside me and somehow drove me doing this show. This 1-hour special highlights the talent of Z-Neo from Germany playing out tracks from his fresh 'Trueskool LP' that has just hit the streets. Additionally there are some exclusive words about this record by the Rave Radio Records manager, Sam Purcell (DJ RadioSam).
As aforementioned on my 'Top Vinyl record recommendation of Autumn', to me, this one is the best vinyl release of the year within the Hardcore Breaks scene.
And, Z-Neo is one more great representer on this type of sound. It's a good chance to get deep into his totally energetic and attractive vibes.

Also there's an interview with Z-Neo at the Strictly Nuskool Blog.

"In Germany, Breakbeat was never as big as in England, though there were enough people who lost their heart and souls to the broken stuff, guess I’m one of them :) When I started to listen to Electronic music the DJs from Germany were playing various styles in their sets, mixing Rave/Techno-stuff with Breakbeat which I liked a lot. From '94 on there came the big separation when DJs no longer dared to play anything but one style. I guess Hardcore Breakbeat has always a very special place in my mind because the raw untamed energy is outstanding – especially compared to other ‘boring’ electronic music. I think the music is made for people who love high energy. Yeah and it’s nice to see that people and labels from Germany are also part of the Hardcore Breakbeat- and Jungle scene." - Z-Neo

You can read full interview here


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