Sunday 16 October 2022

#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 010:: GLOW daze on a mad KNITE Club in UK

This (binary arithmetic numbered) episode is a result of a mad trip to UK organized mainly in order to attend at the first Knite Club event, organized by Kniteforce Records.
You can easily say about the gig that it was beyond any expectation.
Regarding my video-tour it took place around various districts and areas from Dalston, King's Cross, Camden, to Walthamstow, and every single moment is captured on VHS effect so to bring the right oldskool flavour. That's the sense I got during this whole stay there.
It's more like flipping through some pages from a glowing  diary on a personal vlog that comes out naturally amid some dodgy sounds too. But in the end no video from anywhere can capture how unique has been everything on this trip. 

Highlights of this trip

🟢 Paying tribute in front of the Keith Flint mural in Dalston, on the day that it would have been his birthday.

🟢 Visiting the Vestry House Museum for the 'Sweet Harmony: Radio, Rave & Waltham Forest, 1989-1994' exhibition, which includes oral histories, photographs, videos & audios flyers etc. In a nutshell, the right way to learn how Waltham Forest played a vital role in the growth of the movement back in the day.

🟢 Of course, the KNITE CLUB has been the essential moment of this trip. I finally met great people that we've been in touch over the years through the network such as Vitality, TNO Project, Luna-C, Gaffer, Dave Skywalker, The Lowercase, DJ Deluxe, Beeno, Jakazid, Paul Bradley, Mark 4 The Core, Empyreal, KeeF, Diakronik, Mr Arthur, Technodynamia etc. on a MAD KNITE that captured the present's time in Hardcore. Yes, the whole thing seems to be on a healthy level and alive 30 years after (By the way, it's also the 30s of Kniteforce Records this year!) The message was given by the major fans response as people joined from various places such as US, Spain, Poland, Finland, Austria, Germany etc. and had the chance to see DJs within the nuskool field among legendary names such as Acen, Shades of Rhythm, Altern-8, NRG, Hyper On Experience, Jimmy J & Cru-l-t, Ray Keith, but to name a few. Big things and even bigger to follow!

Watch now on the link above:

✶ Affiliated links to follow & support:

▪ AKSE P19

▪ Knite Club

▪ Kniteforce Records

▪ Reckless Records

▪ 'Sweet Harmony: Radio, Rave & Waltham Forest, 1989-1994'

▪ TNO Project

▪ Vestry House Museum

▪ Vitality

Bigups to:
🔸 Pete my bosom friend (and sometimes on a cameraman role).
🔸 Orestiz for the tiny big help clearing (some) sound issues.
🔸 All Hardcore heads that I met (at last..!) at Knite Club and all around this unforgettable trip.
🔸 All Brothers & Sisters showing relentlessly big respect to the #GLOWBUZZ series and to all the Producers, DJs, Label Managers, and Promoter Friends in the Nuskool Hardcore scene (you know who I'm talking to). 

Everything on this video was for a good cause, for promotion & information only.
Support the music and the masterminds behind it. 

And remember that Hardcore is still alive, just evolved and renamed into Nuskool.

Peace - Love - Unity - Respect

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