Tuesday 7 April 2020

(UPDATE) No.26 on Beatport Top 100 Breaks Releases!

"This album isn't just a standard album, focussed on one specific sound, this is an album dedicated to the raving generation, the lost generation, a.k.a. Generation X. We might have aged, but deep down inside we still keep the raving fire burning."

Words taken from a lovely heartful review made recently by Martin from TheCrazyDutchmansBlog sharing his instant support and love about the concept and the vibes of my new compilation release.
You can take a gander on his wonderful review here:

As I've already said, it's first of all a sign of a strong music friendship and it has certainly hit the right time, without even knowing what the world would face in the end. Maybe because, that's the destiny as I point on the 'Intro' of this release.
Who knows?
Time will tell. And we have plenty of it, as well as hunger and joy for life and good music vibes. Basically, I'm very pleased and delighted with this massive support response. A big THANK you to all for buying, streaming, giving out a good word. You're an essential part of this release.
We're running already less than 20 days of the limited CD release (distributed by Sonic Fortress) and the CD is already shipping worldwide, over UK, Japan, Germany, USA, Poland, Israel and more to follow...

Apart from that, in the first 4 days running the digital release, we've managed to enter No.26 on the 'Top 100 Breaks Releases' in Beatport. Incredible I'd say and also flattering seeing a Rave Breaks release joining among the usual Nuskool Breaks of 130bpm range.
With your help and relentless support we'd get it even higher. Word of mouth to set up an ode to the Nu-Rave generation! We can roll and fly over to the Charts as deserves to all people who worked hard for this release and trust me they've been quite a lot.

Check out the following links to buy and stream the album:

🔹 Limited CD
Link: https://sonicfortress.bandcamp.com/album/sf039-glowkid-presents-the-generation-x-crew-2

Link: https://www.beatport.com/release/glowkid-pres-the-generation-x-crew/2875857

Link: https://open.spotify.com/album/2Xj2Az0tDl0KAkd6HYqO6o

Link: https://music.amazon.com/albums/B08597QX5W

🔹 iTunes
Link: https://music.apple.com/tr/album/music-takes-me-higher-vitality-remix/1500821057?i=1500821376

Link: www.deezer.com/en/album/134777242 

Last but not least I'd like to share a brand new minimix just made by the Intensive Recordings head honcho, the Nu-Rave king Nefti from Poland, who scratches over all of the tracks of the album and it's completely adorable what you're gonna hear. A good taste of all tunes into a manic panic slamming condition!

Enjoy: https://www.mixcloud.com/Nefti/nefti-glowkid-pre-the-generation-x-crew-minimix/

And apparently Orestiz has the final word for this blogpost dancing on 'U Turn Me On' by Nefti, which can be found on my new compilation album.
Life's good. Don't lose your smile!

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