Friday 27 March 2020

The Quarantine Party Mix

The year twenty-twenty.

Lockdown, self-isolation, quarantine, toilet paper, 'to smoke or not to smoke?', gatherings to 10 people, handwashing, hand sanitizer & a full on mask hysteria (officially the second one after the 1992 Altern-8 era), social distance, elbow bumps, many 'dont's', Digital victory, visual panic, economic crisis, The Simpsons prophecy, Peek A Boo... and always a huge desire to hang out, hug your homies and dance your tits off.

Well, if you're a minded person, this is certainly a wrong period to do the last one.
We gotta be united and act individually this time obeying to the 'STAY AT HOME' simple rule, so to reload ourselves and join a Rave rebirth very soon...
All for 1 and 1 for all my dear friends! Simple as it is.

On behalf of all this chaos over these months, here's my special Quarantine Mix; fresh off the oven and specially made for you all out there. I'd personally describe it as a party multigenre mix of energy with various genres such as Dubstep, Hardcore Techno, Hardcore Breaks, Oldskool Rave, Drum & Bass and Happy Hardcore, range of 150-175 bpm.
So expect the unexpected. A kinda packed up of my Generation X [radioshow] spirit of diversity, a 'Bang Face' friendly and most certain something that will surely lift you up for the next 90 minutes.
Hope you enjoy the vibes and the energy delivered right to your place.
Stay at home, Stay safe & Keep on strong!


Kreggo + Textasy - The Definitive Hardcore Anthem
miii - 1992
DJ WILDPARTY - Grand Setagaya Auto
501 - Feel For You
The Prodigy VS Modestep - Smack My Bitch Up/To The Stars (bootleg)
ThugWidow - Kindrid Spirits On The Dancefloor
RIFFZ - Junkyhopping 3000
The Prodigy - Music Reach 1/2/3/4 (Raumskaya Remix)
Zar-zax - Gabbutation
Badboy Pete - PsychoDub EP (Champion Breaks 303 Tribe remix)

Marusha - Raveland (Andy BSK Remix)
Biri 'N' The Geezer - Slippin All Over
Moby - Go (The Mover Mix)
Human Resource - Kidnap
Phase IV - Shape The Future (untitled)
Famitsu - Mind Software
Spiral S - Rave 4 Life (Pressure Euphoria Mix)
PZG & Dubsknit (We Rob Rave) - I Love People When I Hate People
Gareth Monks - Heaven
Monks & Mort - Wonderfull
Darwin x Paul Parker - Unreachable
Cappella - Ya Gotta Know (Gareth Monks Bootleg)
Srezcat & Shinonome Interface - Hyper Bass With You
2 Unlimited - No Limit (Kenneth Brigton 90s remix)
Beat Jugglers - Better Days (Logger & Critical Error Remix)
Doctor Werewolf - Lasercat Rocket Attack (Specimen A Remix)
The Prodigy - Light Up The Sky (Dave Skywalker Refix)
DJ Shimamura - All Night Long
DJ PEWPEWPEW - Met Her At The Donk Parade (The real one)
Side Project - Is Techno That Serious

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