Thursday 5 March 2020

FORTHCOMING:: My First Official Compilation Album - 'GLOWKiD pres. The Generation X Crew'

On your marks and on your...masks!

This is the moment I was waiting for since 2018, that I've been working on this large release.
And now, I'm very stoked and proud to announce that my first personal release is a Compilation Album including 15 fresh & exclusive unmixed tunes.
The album will land on the Planet Earth on 20th March 2020, with a very limited CD run via Sonic Fortress Bandcamp page and 2 weeks after, April the 3rd, out in major Digital platforms (Beatport, Amazon etc.) via 
Intensive Recordings. The design & artwork is credited to Greg Sin Key and IAMS is behind the mastering service.

This release is actually celebrating the music friendship & true support between myself and (honestly) each and everyone involved on this amazing result. It's also the right time to celebrate my 10th anniversary and my projects of Generation X [RadioShow] and the video series of #GLOWBUZZ.
It's all about the energy and joy that we have to retain in our life and the right dose of uplifting music to accompany with the perfect vibes to revive the Oldskool Rave spirit.
Simplicity is hard to find these hard days we're living, so this is an appropriate 'tool' to open up your heart and soul.

So, what's the amazing producers team behind this release?




Early Support:

DJ Shimamura

"This is a great compilation of artists from different countries on the theme of breakbeats, Rave and Hardcore!
I'm very happy because I knew there were so many Oldskool comrades on this planet.
'Get Busy' and 'The Ardcore Crew' are so nice!"


"Some great tracks here. Big up The Generation X Crew for keeping the oldskool alive! Will definitely be playing some of these at Bangface! I enjoyed the tracks from Nefti, Yudaidhun and Paul Cronin the most, but it's an awesome compilation in general!" 

GUCHON ใใกใ‚‡ใ‚“

"I feel the golden age of Happy Hardcore!
It is an amazing compilation!"


"Fantastic refreshing compilation in the style of Oldskool Rave and even Happy Hardcore! I was most pleased by the presence of my favorite producers - Orestiz and my Polish friend Nefti in a great remix. Fantastic piano on Amaretto. It's a positive surprise!
However, my definite number 1 in this collection, is Beats are Broken! I am very impressed by the power of this song. Keep it up! Thanks GLOWKiD!"


"The tracks on this compilation are very massive and a must have for the Oldskool lovers, who like the sound of 1992-1994 and also the later Hardcore Breaks sound like 2006-2010. After the Generation X intro, it starts the trip into the world of massive stuff. Big names of the Hardcore scene are on it! Strong piano, hoover and stab mellows, pitched vocals inside. All what an Oldskool junkie needs. I would prefer the tracks on Vinyl, as always.
But also a CD release is a medium that I can hold in my hands. A very nice compilation!"


"Oioi GLOWKiD, big respects for the new album. A great compilation from some of the best producers in the scene - huge respect to everyone involved. Top favorite tune by Nefti."


"This huge 15 track album is a right banger filled with some of the biggest baddest producers of Hardcore Breaks around the globe. The Generation X crew go from strength to strength hitting you hard in 2020 with these mind blowing, banging tracks filled with slammin breakbeats, sweet pianos, spine tingling vocals, mind bending Hardcore stabs and basslines that we all love and know! If you love the Hardcore sounds past and present, as much as I do, then grab this for your Hardcore collection and keep the Hardcore Breaks scene alive and kickin for the 2020! Big respekz and love goes out to GLOWKiD and all the Generation X crew artists involved in this fine piece of Hardcore heaven."

More news and updates about this release coming out real soon with a special article feature of mine, on the upcoming issue of the Iconic Underground Magazine, as well as a new episode of #GLOWBUZZ that I'm currently working on and will be unleashed close to the release date. This episode will feature a large contribution of the majority of producers who have been involved on this album. Keep your eyes peeled for this episode as there will be also a contest with a CD copy (and few extra goodies) as a prize.

Closing with some music and two air previewed tunes of the upcoming album with the likes of Pressure and Orestiz. First one delivers a message of unity. A message to rave for life that aims to takes you back to the Mayday era, while 'Sucks 2b You' is the absolute funky approach of Nu-Rave.

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