Tuesday 28 April 2020

Top 5 Vinyl Recommendation Lockdown

Lockdown and quarantine are two new words than have recently entered in full effect to each and every citizen of Planet Earth.
But what shall we do to defeat it?

Once again, Music is the answer. It's been always here to boost our mental health and more than that, a variety of bangers that will lift your mood up to the sky.
And actually, it should be Hardcore music. Hardcore inspired vibes that are bigger than the current 'hardcore' we're living.

So I'm here to present five records that are absolutely mental and got me excited from the first time I heard the promos of them, N
ew records of this corona year, with tracks that are struggling against all odds.
On account of that, we should be more united than ever and of course showing double support to the artists and the labels, who're 'suffering' too. On top of that, you should take into account that Bandcamp has announced to waive fees on the first Friday of every month and for the next 3 months. This means that on 1st May, 5th June and 3rd July from midnight to midnight pacific time, everything purchased from there goes directly to the labels & the artists.
Shall we start then?

Boykz & Stu Chapman team up for a large project entitled, 'Feel For the Rush' presented through the UK based Peace On Wax label.
Representing the '92 ethos of Breakbeat Hardcore; known as Hardcore Breaks the last decades, the boys are here in collaboration also with Victoria Newton (lead singer of the 90s group Strike) on the vocals and additional scratches by DJ Corruption. This one's out in two parts and cut out on black 12" Vinyl with a very limited number of ice blue 12" Vinyl copies too. All in all, we're dealing with a total number of 5 new tracks of manic rave riffs, hoovers, amen breakin, uplifting pianos and you can tell a funky character. An essential Hardcore Breaks record for your collection and a proud soundtrack covered with the amazing artwork by the guru of the kind, Junior Tomlin and the design by the talented Mark Donington.

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Listen to the previews here (Part 1) and here (Part 2)

'Neurons and Chemicals...Fire!' The opener track of that self-titled new work and debut album by the eminent trio from Brighton, TRY UNITY.
Eight extraordinary tunes coming out straight from a dream festival, a warehouse of our mind and soul, carrying the same emotion as we used to have while raving back in the day. The ultimate sound of Hardcore Breaks is right here, dispersed by an innovative live act, who have been receiving great response with their sold out EPs and the ever-crowded Calling The Hardcore raves that take place in their hometown.
The pre-orders have just opened and you can also get a DJ mix of their back catalogue tracks and a Rave Radio Records free sticker (For orders till end of May). The artwork is credited (again) to the majesty of Junior Tomlin. The rhythm, the vocals and the inspirational '91-late '93 tracks, promise better days and a new love revolution very soon. Basically as soon as you start playing this record loud on your stereos, your neurons will speak.

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Listen to the previews here

The head honcho of Kniteforce Records and production wizard, Luna-C, keeps on surprising us. The ever busy man introduces his latest moniker called Industries Of The Blend, aiming to take us back to the early 90s, and that's a record that actually blew me away when I first heard the promo of it. A monstrous Hardcore Rave 4-track dish; from one hand smelling like spicy Belgian chocolate and from the other hand the way British responded to the German Hardcore Techno back in mid 90s (e.g. 'Music For The Jilted Generation' album by The Prodigy). It's a record that kicks in the nads. One of the best personal releases from Luna-C so far, who's never afraid to go ahead with new styles and that's a benefit I love with this new work. Every tune has something to say and all of them give a diverse result to this soundtrack of madness!
May the KF118 be with you all...

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Listen to the previews here

'Belgium Is Back' was shouted from his mouth about a year ago and he kept his promise. The Belgian Techno/EBM maestro is back again with his fourth album.
Ten tracks of Oldskool Rave, EBM, breakbeats, sirens, hoovers dark vocals made by the passionate Ethan Fawkes and released from him on a double 12" Vinyl (available on digital too).
'Dive Into Vortex' was the first single of his new work and as you can realize from the videoclip, his aim is to make a transfer to the gates of the future, where people are dancing but breathing 90s air. A place where he sets on fire his synths and everyone's invited to join this trip of an underground nostalgia.

Listen to the previews here

Moving now to the squat part(y) of London, the illicit vibes that you would dance to till the end of the world. Yes! It's Getafix Records and 'Bad Boy' Pete aka Champion Breaks giving his fresh Acid Techno twist with his friends.
'Come with me....On an aciiiieeeed trip' on a familar Techno tribe that runs things the last couple of years and offer nothing else but the international inclusive and enduring sound of London Techno, as officially stated.
A release, which is comprised of four killers with the likes of Sterling Moss, Ciucek, Acid Steve and the known Getafix suspect 'Bad Boy' Pete.
British-Polish Techno relations are strong in here with the featured artists reppin' it and your night lockdown will be more noisy than ever.
Time to bring the ruckus in your neighbourhood!

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Listen to the previews here

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