Sunday 22 September 2019

Fresh:: 135bpm glowmix

I've spent my weekend listening to some cool promos I've recently received, namely Denham Audio, Motivbreaks, Amaretto, Nikonn and Nicolas Diaz, so I've decided to put them in a different mix from my usual style.
Before uploading it, I passed it to a good friend of mine from US, and he told me that this is something "into summertime spirit, clubby, nuskool breaks ride for the warm weather with lots of classic samples".
Actually it's a good blend of how I felt these days to kick off the Skool season with something more sensational rather than hi-energy, hands in the air angle and of course showing support to the producers & labels that have been doing loads of qualities.


Ratpack - Hands On Time [2017, RATPACK MUSIC]
Nero - Crush On You (D Sharpson Bootleg Edit) [2018, free download]
Nikonn - Ok Go [2019, self-release]

Luke Smith - Wannabe Gottabe [2019, free download]
Deekline - Be Happy (Club VIP) [2019, 3BEAT]
Borai & Denham Audio - Make Me [2019, HIGHER LEVEL RECORDS]
Chrissy - Hold On Tight [2019, CHIWAX]
Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion - 90 Bleeps & Bass (North) [2016, MUSIC MONDAYS]
Christopher Rave - Fuckin' Dance [2017, OFF ME NUT RECORDS]
Motivbreaks - The Way You Hold Me [2019, DIABLO LOCO]
Leeroy Thornhill - Run Da Game [2019, GET HYPE RECORDS]
Movement - Raindance [2018, DISSIDENT SOUND]
Amaretto - Need You Now [2019, self-release]
Stratton - Wide-eyed and Painless [2019, OF PARADISE]
Nicolas Diaz - Happy 303 Day [2018, self-release]
goreshit - i'm serious. [2019, self-release]
Paul & Shark - Liquid Technicolor Blanket Of Disconnect (Denham Audio Remix) [2019, FREE TIME DISCS]
pARKGOLF - Silk Curtain (rira Remix) [2019, self-release]

It's my first attempt on this selection and mix and boom... uploaded!
Enjoy the ride on 135 bpm...

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