Friday 27 September 2019

Interview with MOTIVBREAKS (GR) on behalf of his debut album

artwork by Tony L

Stamatis Kipouros, a 40 year old producer/DJ based in the second largest city of Greece, Salonica, is one of those producers who has spent many hours of his life to learn and express himself through music production. An avid music lover who's almost reaching his 15-year music anniversary kicking off with his Hardcore Breaks/Nu-Rave project Rememberrave (along with Vassilis Sideris) to his current substance as Motivbreaks (former known as Motiv).
After all these years of various releases in labels like Intensive Recordings, Sonic Fortress, Kode 5, White Tower Digi to the latest year's dominant futuristic tracks on VIM Records, Fantomas Records and Diesel Recordings, Stam returns to his local friends over Diablo Loco to deliver his first long play studio album. The album is entitled "The Warehouse Revival LP" and as simple as it looks, the title says it all. 13 fresh tracks paying homage to the Oldskool, under modern techniques covering Nuskool Breaks, Future Garage, UK House,2step and in conclusion the next level of UK Rave.

I still remember the first time I heard his very successful single 'The Light' three years ago, introducing the crowd to his new direction 'leaving' Hardcore Breaks. This track managed to peak No.10 on Beatport Breaks Charts back then and after that, couple of more tunes gained the attention deserved.
Landing to present's time and these new 13 tracks that are completely wonderful. All buzzing full of nostalgia and reviving the energy of the real days! The album has already gained very good feedback with the likes of Alt-A, Bassica, Rory Hoy, Damage Inc., United States Beat Squad, Prato and more to follow...

Getting into his debut album I had the pleasure having also a good chat with him about his brand new vibes and anything that inspire him to make the album, future plans and his personal advice to anyone who wants to start production.
There's also something good left to mention. I've got a very fresh promo from him, and we're dealing with one of his biggest tunes ever, titled "Childhood Memories". Just save that title and you'll remember my words...
Till then, let's get into his own warehouse!

GK: How long did it take to finish your debut album and how was the whole deal with Diablo Loco label? You felt anytime pressed maybe?

MB: The album took me almost a year. It's comprised of various tunes that were finalized under very hard circumstances and emotions. By the way, many of them were in progress all day and night.
My relationship with Diablo Loco is excellent.
I achieved making my music known to the masses through this label alongside VIM Records, being also recognised as a Breakbeat artist around the globe. I'm very happy receiving some big respect and support from many artists worldwide.

GK: "Up On the Cloud" is a banging single off your new album and it reached No.14 on Beatport Breaks charts. There are plenty of quality tracks in overall on your debut, no doubt for it.
What are your most favorite tracks from your new work?

MB: I 'd say that "Loving You" and "1992" are my favourites as both of them take us back to the golden years of Rave. Noteworthy to mention also that I receive huge response for tunes such as "The Way You Hold Me" and "Matter Of Time", which blends post deep Breaks with Future Garage culture.

GK: What kind of influences have inspired you for this new work?

MB: Just to name a few of them like Special Request, Freestylers, Deekline, BrØken Syndicate artists, Raito and lots of Future Garage and UK Garage artists, new Hospital Records stuff like S.P.Y. and DJ Fixx.

GK: Any producers you'd love to collab with or maybe doing a remix in the future?

MB: I'm always open for new collaborations if the track has something to give out, in my perspective. I love proper Breaks music and not just a track made in FruityLoops or Ableton with 2 lines synth and 5 loopmasters samples or synth presets. Need to go further from this!

GK: Your advice to the new producers and anyone who wants to start production and expression through music?

MB: For sure, there are many incredible artists out there. But in my perspective, when we want to choose, follow and express ourselves through a music genre, first of all we have to learn and dive into it, analyzing everything musically, technically and even more.

For example, I listen to some new Breaks these days with many mistakes. A tune is not just a loop or bass via FruityLoops or Ableton. If you want to distinguish, you have to try hard and do something different from the others. There are people who make music for themselves and believe that they make something good and on the other hand those who make music for a better future as artists.
Who do you think are the best?
Well, I'd say the second group of music makers, cos they write music with prospect and optimistic future.

GK: You've played out on big events in your hometown Salonica, supporting Liquid, Leeroy Thornhill etc. What is your best moment ever?

MB: I think both of them. I have supported Liquid and T99 some years back. Both are great producers, and of course Leeroy Thornhill too. Proper legends.
The best moment for me was with Leeroy on the decks. He's a great guy and an amazing Breakbeat producer.

with Leeroy Thornhill (December 2018 - Salonica/GR)

with Liquid, Orestiz & GL0WKiD (Brainstorm event 2016 - Salonica/GR)

GK: What are your plans for future material? Any chance doing any Hardcore Breaks again?

MB: I'll work on a second material for sure but not in Hardcore Breaks style. The style of "The Warehouse Revival LP" is a crossover style of my personality and not into Hardcore Breaks or anything else related; I just wanna blend other music styles put under a rave formula.
I've been also thinking to launch a clear 808 electro project in the near future. Will see...
In regards with Hardcore Breaks, there's almost something done and ready to deliver sometime during next year. But only that.

GK: How do you see the Breaks scene at the moment in general?

MB: Breakbeat or simply Breaks is unfortunately a very small scene in comparison with other genres such as Techno, House, Dubstep and Drum & Bass.
I'll just mention a quick example, in order to justify my answer.
When Beatport has a number of 9,000 releases in Techno, then Breaks have only 1,600.
The good thing is that these days, various artists are fancy for a remix in Oldskool Breaks, clear Breaks or ever 808 electrofunk style (e.g. Kink, The Chemical Brothers, Laurent Garnier or even The Prodigy) so eventually this type of sound is now entering to various music places.

Well, it's a shame that the Breaks scene in Greece is not like in Spain and Russia where's like top of the game.

In England the scene is also poor iwithin the quantity of Breaks events.
I'm not referring to kinda raves like Moondance etc. where's in healthy level.
Of course there are always leaders and big soldiers in the scene like Stanton Warriors, Freestylers and Punks label who deliver fresh Breakbeat releases to the UK masses.
Poland, US with Florida & Miami, represent this sound too with some small events.

My dream is to see the Breaks scene rise again and reach the same level as it was between 2000-2005, a time when big names of the underground Dance scene used to play loads of Breaks tracks on their sets. A time when the Breaks were highlighted and supported a lot around the globe.

Today is different though...
In my perspective the thing is that the scene has lots of subgenres that are more friendly to the clubs rather than the simple fans so I have to advise anyone out there, better following music and not any stamps.

GK: Stam, good luck with your fresh work, an ideal debut trip and congrats for the whole hard work and devotion over the years!

MB: Thank you a lot for this interview mate and hope the people out there enjoy my album.



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