Thursday 22 August 2019

The Prodigy are still here

August the 20th of 2019 is one more iconic and noteworthy date in the history of The Prodigy, the world's best live band.

Just one day before Liam Howlett's birthday, we got an announcement from him on his socials that he's '...back in the studio, making noise'. Words that seem unreal but simultaneously true; a big gift out to all 'frozen' fans the last couple of months. This is apparently a big statement for & by himself as well as to the history and the legacy of The Prodigy, and it's a post that made my day and millions of people's too.

There's been a very weird and mourning period with 6 months of condolences for Keef, questions about the future of the band, silence, plus an amount of fans without even having that strength to listen to prodge tunes.

But who seriously has thought that the band will give up so easily?
They got to fight fire with fire as the Ho99o9 scream out on the recent banger off 'No Tourists' album. They got to stay stronger than ever, and they already got the response and the extra power from all the fans during this hard period.
It felt like we were all one and by keeping this direction, we're gonna smash on everything with the new material!
In my opinion, this new stuff will be supported and embraced double than expected and will celebrate mainly the living legend of The Prodigy, which is unbeaten!

We're here, it's now
We live forever
The time is now
We live forever

Coming way back to the Keith tributes and the way many out there played out lots of Prodigy material putting in thoughts lots of others that the band will stop everything from now on.
However, there's one clear tribute I've done, paying homage to the punk rave persona Keef playing out his features with The Prodigy & his solo projects and only.

You can listen to it again here.

All in all, whatever the decision would be, we would all be next.

Something's confirmed and is in promising progress cos forever!
Time will tell...Till then

Long Live The PRODIGY! #weliveforthebeats🔥🔥

Time to refresh our mood now, so let's start the panic again with the recent album material, getting fueled up for the new vibes. Still here...!

Generation X [RadioShow] pres. 'No Tourists Special Showcase'

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