Sunday 11 August 2019

Leeroy Thornhill still...runs da game

Leeroy Thornhill the established perfomer (DJ/Producer, ex-Prodigy member, Dancer) returns on Get Hype Records with one more banging EP. This release is his first personal during this busy 2019, which finds him touring a lot all around the world. And what else would you expect than some tough 'bass in your face' tunes knocking down the dancefloor!

'Sin City Slam/Run da Game' is following ideally his latest EP on the same established UK label (imprint of The Prototypes) and the bass is louder than ever! Kicking things off with 'Sin City Slam' and as it points out the title of this track, Lee dives into the dark paths of a sin city with one of his fastest track ever done, mad breakbeats of intensity; something that will wake up memories from the oldskool and simultaneously getting embraced by the new generation of Breaks. The second tune 'Run da Game' is bridging successfuly the gap between Breaks and Dub, something that will chill your soul and become an absolute uplifter of your summer senses!

Leeroy's new EP comes out officially on 14th August and it's available to pre-order now via all major digital platforms.

Beatport - Junodownload - iTunes - Spotify

In other news, this period Leeroy tries to combine worldwide touring with getting himself concentrated to work on his highly anticipated personal Album as announced some time ago. No date confirmed yet but this is something that all fans are looking forward to listen to. You can check this video above including his dance twist during 'Everybody In The Place' shots in New York in 1991. 
Early days of The Prodigy and Leeroy buzzing right in the middle of the street with his ever unique eminent stylee!
The track playing on the background is one of his work in progress tunes.

However, till we wait for his personal album release, there's also a fresh remix he did on an Empirion new tune. His Essex homies have released their second studio album after 23 years, entitled 'RESUME' and it's something that definetely stands out during this summertime.
Leeroy is giving a wildstylish breakbeat driven takeover on 'ADSR' and in conclusion this is one more extra good mark that he still...runs the game after many years within the Dance scene.


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