Sunday 2 April 2017

CONTEST - Giving Away 2 Limited & Fresh Happy Hardcore 12" EPs

I'm very pleased to announce one more contest with a very limited prize (as usual) and by the kind offer and contribution from London based label, Trigger Happy.

Trigger Happy has recently released its first Limited 12" Vinyl, which consists of 2 quality and anonymous Happy Hardcore vibes, representing ideally the 1994 uplifting & happy stylee. Already giving my full support to both tracks @ my radio show & Strictly Nuskool Blog.
It's amazing to live new Vinyl releases and labels getting Hardcore higher year by year!

So, Trigger Happy kindly offers 2/200 copies to 2 lucky winners via Generation X [RadioShow] and all you have to do is to subscribe into my mailing list (HERE) now...!

Next days I will send over a secret question to the subscribing crew & only. To be one of the 2 lucky winners you must reply correctly to the question. Winners will be picked then randomly and announced on Generation X [RadioShow] on 11th April - 17:30-19:00 [UK TIME] @

All copies have been sold out on Trigger Happy bandcamp page so
if you haven't grabbed it yet, this contest is a big chance for you.
Good luck to all submissions!


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