Wednesday 29 March 2017

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] with SPIRIT OF MIND (GER) Special Guest - Planet Rave Radio (28MAR2017)

This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio on 27th March 2017 - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD. Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

This week's show is totally dedicated to the German Hardcore scene which remains alive, hosting two great producers/DJs from Mannheim Systec (co-founder of the almighty Dragon Technicals Records) & Sir Rice aka SPIRIT OF MIND on an exclusive B2B Oldskool Hardcore set! There's also an interview with Systec, as well as my mix with plenty of Dragon Technicals & Hardcore Breaks vibes and closing with an unreleased Spirit Of Mind tune forthcoming on Ravenoyz Records, and of course the announcement for next week's show with the legendary LIQUID as my special Guest focusing on his brand new album "ENERGY FLOWS".

Enjoy the buzz with...Leidenschaft (aka PASSION!)


GL0WKiD mix
S.O.A.P. - Travelling At The Speed Of Light [DRAGON TECHNICALS RECORDS]
DJ Mayor feat. Systec - Pump Up The Volume [DRAGON TECHNICALS RECORDS]
Shar-Pei & Systec - Mystic Sunrise [REPEAT OFFENDER RECORDS]
Systec & Powerman - Condor [DRAGON TECHNICALS RECORDS]
Systec & Powerman - Think Positive [DRAGON TECHNICALS RECORDS]
Shar-Pei - Dont You Want [TORNADO RECORDS]
Shar-Pei & Systec - Passion [DRAGON TECHNICALS RECORDS]
Spirit Of Mind - Take A Ride [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]

- SPIRIT OF MIND Guest Mix -
DJ Systec b2b DJ SirRice

01. Audio Maze - Way of Life [LABELLO BLANCO]
02. DJ Trax - High Time [MOVING SHADOW]
03. Manix - Reach Out [REINFORCED RECORDS]
04. Release - Inner Dream [CONTAGIOUS RECORDS]
05. Liquid Crystal You Got Me [RUFF ON WAX RECORDINGS]
06. Xenophobia - Rush In The House [KICKIN RECORDS]
07. Mercurial - Feel The Energy [PROPHET RECORDS]
08. EQ - Total Ecstacy'93 [FORMATION RECORDS]
09. Ionosphere - Perfect Hybernation [IONOSPHERE RECORDINGS]
10. Hi Poisn - Dubplate Style
11. Sub Oscillator II - Untitled [ADRENALIN RECORDS]
12. Mega City 2 - Nightwalker [EXTRA TERRESTRIAL RECORDINGS]
13. DJ Smokey Joe - Kiss my Neck [STRATEGIC DANCE INITIATIVE]
14. Menace Makes 3 - Feel the Friction [DANSE CITY RECORDS]
15. Urban Hype - Trip to Trumpton [FAZE 2]
16. +e=Exotic - Voice of the Devil [D-ZONE RECORDS]
17. Little Matt & Uprock - Error Terror [FAT CHUNA RECORDINGS]

Closing Tunes

Spirit of Mind - Hand's In The Air [Forthcoming @ RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
Liquid - Sweet Harmony [XL]

And what about next week's showcase...?
You'd better stare at the following picture...

Energy Flows / Energy..Glows! All tied up in a sweet harmony!!

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