Wednesday 1 March 2017

GL0WKiD Generation X [RadioShow] pres. “THE 25th ANNIVERSARY OF KNITEFORCE RECORDS” Feat. LUNA-C Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix @ Planet Rave Radio [28FEB.2017]

This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio on 28th February 2017 - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD. Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

Well, after finishing this showcase, I was wondering if this one was my top one ever regarding the subject, hosting also a big legend as special Guest... I'm still very stoked from last night as we all caught up ourselves becoming one fist on a unique radio party! Yes, completely!

The almighty and groundbreaking label of KNITEFORCE RECORDS has been celebrating its 25 years in action, offer and hard work in the scene, reborn vinylized since last December, thus that made me doing a big celebrating showcase about it, hosting proudly the legendary LUNA-C on an Exclusive Guest Mix and an Interview!

LUNA-C is a big supporter of my work and the show, been mentioning very often golden words about, which makes me flattered and much honoured of course, giving me extra energy as well.!

On our interview he talks also about the new era of Kniteforce and his upcoming sets in London (with Bust an Old Jam) & Poland (with Sonic Trip), his top KF facts & releases (hard one right?!) reaching to the fresh oldskool legendary Hyper On Experience, signed on Kniteforce label with an outstanding remix, which was firstly played and featured on his storming Guest Mix alongside other forthcoming remixes by Alex Jungle and Justin Time! A full on interesting interview, as always with mr. Howell! You should check that out, fresh and totally revealing...

Special contribution to the show by Kniteforce producers: Empyreal, Ant To Be, Scartat, Demcore, Vitality and TNO Project, who talk about their involvement with the label.
(Thank you guys!)

I'd like to send my shouts out to all KF troopers. Each and everyone who respects his Hardcore substance should listen to this 100 minute GenX KF jam keeping himself and his neighbourhood kniteforced busy! Right?!

You can imagine that I'm currently out of order, can't find the right words to put for what happened yesterday to this emotional and big buzzin. Bigup to all crew worldwide from UK, Japan, Spain, Russia, US, Germany, Greece and every silent but energetic listener.. Big glowluv!

..and of course
Nuff respect to LUNA-C and Happy 25th Anniversary Kniteforce Records!!

Njoy the full recording of the show (tracklist included)

- GL0WKiD Mix

Force & Evolution - High On Life [KF024]
DJ Desire - Sumaki (Jimmy J & Cru-l-t Remix) [KFLP002]
DJ Brisk - You & Me (S.E Mix) [KFLP002]
Kingsize & Vibena - Got To Have It [KF62]
DJ Sike - Bongo Bong (Idealz Remix) [KFA81]

- Special Contribution by Demcore, Empyreal, Ant To Be, Scartat, TNO Project and Vitality

- Interview with LUNA-C (26:40)
(Background tracks)

DJ Force & Evolution - Escape The Feeling [KF003]
DJ Force - Show Me Heaven (Sy and Unknown Remix) [KF044]
DJ Luna C - Expander [KFA010]
Luna C - Disdance [KFA032]
Poosie & Cru-L-T - Hear Me, Hear Me [KF009]
DJ Luna-C - Edge Of Madness (Sublove remix) [KF001]
Jimmy J - Cant You See (S.E Mix) [KFLP002]
Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Six Days [REC 005]

DJ Ham - So Damn Tuff [KF038]

- LUNA-C Guest Mix

01. Alex Jungle - A Feeling You Cannot Understand [KFCD03]
02. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Ool Lortnoc (Ant To Be Remix) [KF64]
03. Bucksta - Let's Get Ill [KFCD03]
04. DJ Force & The Evolution - Fall Down On Me (Billy Bunter & Sanxion Remix) [KF65]
05. Audio X - Echoes [KFCD03]
06. Alk-e-d - Shining Bright (Shadowplay Remix) [KFA84]
07. DJ Luna-C - Technical Shmecnical [KF67]
08. Nicky Allen - All The Time [KF70]
09. Alex Jungle - The Need In Me [KF66]
10. Scartat - Ammo Bag (DJ Luna-C Remix) [KF67]
11. Saiyan & Cru-l-t - High Da Way (DJ Luna-C Remix) [KFCD03]
12. DJ Force & The Evolution - High On Life (Saiyan & Cru-l-t Remix) [KF68]
13. DJ Luna-C - Piano Progression (Scott Brown Remix) [KF64]
14. Cru-l-t - Snow In Summer (Alex Jungle Remix) [KF69]
15. DJ Poosie - Its Gonna Be (Justin Time Remix) [KF68]
16. Idealz - TunE [KF71]
17. DJ Luna-C - Free As The Sky (Hyper On Experience Remix) [KF69]

Closing tune: Timme - Four [KFA77]

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