Wednesday 26 April 2017

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (25 APR.2017)

This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio on 25th April 2017 - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD. Live streaming from Athens/Greece. 

It's been a while since the last time I dropped so many Oldskool classic bangers, as I'm usually focused on the Nuskool character, and as most of you know already, this is my main concern and aim. But never too late for a show like this one, thus I'm glad receiving some great feedback, seeing regular members onto the chatroom crew having fun with the likes of The Prodigy, Moby, Altern-8, Lords of Acid, Xenophobia, N-Joi, T-99, L.A. Style, K-Klass etc.

Nothing more or less. The full recording of this week's show has been uploaded @ Mixcloud and you can relax freely, enjoy it and glow yourselves into the mad rhythms!


Xpansions - Elevation (DJ Nipper Edit 2014)
Strike - U Sure Do (Boy Raver Free Birthday Remix)
Jinny - Never Give Up (Rhythm & Reason 2013 Remix)
Boizo - Sanctuary Of Doves
K-Klass - I Can Take Some More [1993, DECONSTRUCTION RECORDS]
Worldwide Epidemic - Fun In '91 [2015, FREE DOWNLOAD]
Limited Toss - For Rave Master [2014, SOUNDGRAM RECORDS]
Mark Archer - Frequency (AGT Rave Cru Remix) [2011, BALKAN VINYL]
Mark Archer - Armageddon (Sanxion Remix) [2013, BANGFACE]
Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Mark Archer Remix) [2012, MISSILE RECORDS]
DJ Wislov - Space (Private mix) [UNRELEASED]
N-Joi - The Void [1993, DECONSTRUCTION]
Lords of Acid - Let's Get High [1991, COMPLETE KAOS]
Joey Beltram - Mentasm [1991, R&S RECORDS]
Moby (feat. Nicole Zaray) - Next Is The E [1992, INSTINCT RECORDS]
UHF - Peace Head [1991, SONIC RECORDS]
T99 - Anasthesia (Out of History Mix) [1991, WHO's THAT BEAT]
The Prodigy - Pandemonium [1991, XL RECORDINGS]
Praga Khan - The Key to the Kingdom [2003, OKINA MUSIC GROUP]
L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead [1991, DECADANCE RECORDS]
Xenophobia - Syko D.F. [2016, XENO RECORDINGS]
The Prodigy - Jericho [Genaside II Remix] [1992, XL RECORDINGS]
Xenophobia ft. GL0WKiD - Glow To The Rush [2016, FREE DOWNLOAD]
Xenophobia - The Wobbler [2016, XENO RECORDINGS]
The Prodigy - Time To Get Funky And Raw (DJ Sashay Mental Acid Remix) [2015, FREE DOWNLOAD]
DJ Sashay - Psychosomatic [2015, FREE DOWNLOAD]


ATTENTION pleeeease!! There will be no show next Tuesday, but I'd cover that with a big one coming up on 9th May ft. DJCRIP (ComeRaveInPeace) from Switzerland on an exclusive Interview & Guest Mix. Believe me, this is gonna be huge, worth to schedule that show and give it a live listen.
Till then... Catch you up all around socials for any type of straight contact/chat etc.

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