Saturday 29 October 2016

Kniteforce Records returns vinylized after 18 years!

This is the time when I've opened the KF e-mail to check if the pre-orders are finally available for the...vinylized rebirth of KNITEFORCE RECORDS after 18 yrs and noticed on Luna-C's long and enjoyable (as always) blogpost some...words of praize to myself and my hrs of devotion to Hardcore music!
Nuff said about that, it's always exciting, fuels myself more and I'm personally honoured receiving special mentioning and continuous good words from a living Hardcore legend like himself!!

But what's the most important on his KF blogpost?

Well, first of all the pre-orders of KF64 & KF65 are open from now and you may grab your own copies HERE and get into your life this limited items including remixes by established producers and oldskool heads like Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion, Scott Brown, Luna-C as well as very talented and Nuskool troopers Scartat, Nicky Allen, Ant To Be.

This is definetely a very promising new step, or revival step or (call it whatever) from Luna-C, who has admitted that his heart belongs to Breakbeat Hardcore music, so these new releases need & deserve support and love from the true Hardcore heads.

For those who follow Luna-C can simply notice, that this year he showed some hints about getting himself back to breakbeats, by remixing on that way tunes for Empyreal, Inspector Sands, Jedi and the recent & fresh one on DJ Ham (KF64).
So that he featured special Breakbeat stuff over his latest KF Podcast #49 and signed already some must to watch talents like Alex Jungle and Mannik as a good example.

Hardcore music has never died, it's pumping all around and you can notice that either from a variety of radio shows including myself on Generation X [RadioShow] and the promos & freshness I've been given and playing every week, as well as a great quantity of reviews over the Strictly Nuskool Blog.

On the followings Soundcloud links you can hear quick previews of what's hot inside both KF64 & KF65 and get into KF Bandcamp link to make yourself happier than ever!

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