Thursday 20 October 2016

The story so far of "Xenophobia ft. GL0WKiD - Glow To The Rush"

This is what happens when two guys, who have never met before, but are fed up with excitement and hunger sharing the same passion for Hardcore Rave music.

Those who have listened to my very last showcase of last season, can remember that it was totally dedicated to the almighty Oldksool Hardcore Rave act, XENOPHOBIA, which was born and raised since the early days of Rave music around 1989. It was about a special presentation of "BRING ON THE RUSH", the 18track double album (which came out after a delay of 1 year - available on Vinyl/CD/Digital) including unreleased oldskool material plus remastered oldies! This was featured alongside an interview with band's main brain & frontman Sid Truelove, while he has also put a smashing guest mix of Nu and Old vibes of the act and himself!

The buzz wasn't gone between both of us so, some days ago we've released our collab titled "Glow To The Rush", which is a good result of our Hardcore Rave excitement, full on insomnia along with total appreciation and support (mainly) to each other! Notheworthy the fact that Sid made it under bad flu that period and he's responsible for this anthemic production/mixing/video duties featuring also myself on lyrics/vox part.

This tune is a '92 inspired revolutionary Hardcore Rave 'prodigized' 144 bpm vibe, featured on the brand new "GLOW TO THE RUSH EP".
The EP includes the Radio Version & Original Mix of "Glow To The Rush" plus 2 rare and previously unreleased tracks by Xenophobia featuring MC Skallywag and Zillah Minx, that didn't make it on "BRING ON THE RUSH" LP. 

Definetely a proud moment for myself being involved with such a true musician and personality like Truelove is and on a massive choon like this one! I'm really happy with the whole buzz coming in and out!
The response is already massive from fans & friends and I would like to thank a lot each and everyone for the love and support!
Bigup also to Tariq Ziyad who has put a cool write up on Free Breaks Blog (LINK) and to BreakbeatScientist, who reviewed the release on Strictly Nuskool Blog (LINK).

Finally I have to mention that there is also a stunning video created for this vibe, where you can watch it to the following link on Youtube.

Glow To The Rush!
Rush To The Glow!

...And it goes like THIS!

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"GLOW TO THE RUSH EP" is available on Free Download
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