Tuesday 1 November 2016

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (1st November 2016)

This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Planet Rave Radio on 1st November 2016 - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD. Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

First day of..Movember was full on 90 minutes of uplifting Nuskool Hardcore & Breakbeat sounds of present including also some hot promos I've received during this weekend from Swiss maniac DJCRIP, the brand new and golden Kniteforce Records vinylized releases, as well as freshness from the Hardcore duet of Liquid Alliance (coming up on limited vinyl @ Ravenoyz Recordings), USBS fresh 'booty attack' on Music Rascals and closing with a promo tune called 'Gone Too Soon' from the Oldskool legends 2 Bad Mice off their self titled new EP [out on LTD vinyl & digital @ Sneaker Social Club].

Massive respect and truly thanx giving to each and everyone keeps on sending me promos, all listeners worldwide as well as all producers, labels and heads representing Hardcore every single moment of the day!

Check out the featured tracklist of my fresh show as posted below alongside with the mixcloud link of show's recording
Simply...Enjoy the glowbuzz!

Meeeaaow! :)


Runout Groove - Bad Boy Bass (Oh Yeah) [FAZEFORM RECORDS]
Motivbreaks - Save Me Tonight (92 Revival Oldskool mix) [VIM RECORDS]
Motivbreaks - The Light (Nefti Remix) [VIM RECORDS]
The Prodigy - Girls (Nefti Remix)
The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Greg Sin Key Remix)
USBS - Everybody Wants to Breathe Bootleg
Unison & MC Louse - We Again And Again
Pinky & Brain - Sweetheart (Nightshade Remix) [XTRA HARD RECORDS]
Nicky Allen - Rave Party [PARANOID RECORDINGS]
Wislov - Illegal Rave [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
Gentleman Bastard - After The Music Has Stopped [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
Pressure - Sadragga [Forthcoming @ STRICTLY NUSKOOL]
Xenophobia - Syko DF [XENO RECORDS]
Xenophobia - Hardcore Heaven [XENO RECORDS]
DJ Mark C - The Fifth Mountain [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
Yell-O-Phase - Rave.. Noise! [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
DJ CRIP - It's Alright
Liquid Alliance - Ecstasy Of Mayhem [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]

TNO Project - The Advice [KFA]
DJ CRIP - Euphoria (Uplifting Mix)
Nicky Allen - Piano Confusion (CRIP Remix)
DJ Rave In Peace - Give Yourself
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Ool Lortnoc (Ant To be Remix) [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Future Primitive - Ban This (Nicky Allen Remix) [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
DJ Ham - It Would Be (DJ Luna-C Remix) [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
2 Bad Mice - Gone Too Soon [SNEAKER SOCIAL CLUB]

Catch me up live next Tuesday presenting a very special showcase dedicated to the 25yr anniversary of 2 BAD MICE alongside an exclusive radio interview with a leading member of the act, Simon Colebrooke talking about their story so far, the studio return, forthcoming releases and many more other interesting stories to share and reveal!

8th November 2016
17:30-19:00 [UK TIME]
tune @ www.planet-rave.com

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