Saturday 24 September 2016

Review for the Old Skool Festival 2016 - Łódź (PL)

People say that all good things will get to an end most of the times with one way or another. But this is not what happens in Łódź and especially during the last week.
A reason that I'm personally calling it like the Capital of Nu-Rave and Hardcore, is because the core is active and people are hungry for it, responding by all means cos the vibe is alive and deep inside them!
Without living it before I was more than sure about the character of this city, that's why I keep on showing my big love and respect to its local Hardcore troopers.

And on this big trip everything went totally nuts, everything was more than expected and I have only the best words to say for the whole festival and how a hard working man like DJ Tornado took the decision to make it bigger than last year!

My big respect to Marcin (a.k.a DJ Tornado) for booking me to this huge 2 dayer festival and getting my first ever international dj set on this unforgettable 48hr musically infected emotion!

Bigup and respect goes to all local troopers I've finally met tho we've been into contact over the years and these are Nefti, Oneplayz, Greg Sin Key, Teknociziak, Simi, Dymeq and caught up with DJ Darkside, DJ Break.E and Adam (fookin amazing) Butcher, who played his sick drumbeats by Rozalla's live tune! Big moment!
These guys are an essential part of the Polish Hardcore/Breaks/Jungle scene and we had astonishing great times like a fam. This is what counts in the scene, having pure and humble people like them.
This is the true spirit of our music, our scene!

Here are some pictures above with guys like Greg Sin Key, Damage Inc. (Peter & Gareth) Oneplayz, Nefti, Teknociziak, Simi, Rozalla, N-Joi, Davos, Rachel Wallace, General Levy and Sublove.

I have the best words to express about the most P.A.s I saw (missed a few cos I was busy either with interviews or chatting all around).
The legendary queens Rozalla and Rachel Wallace were amazing, and if you ask me what's Old Skool Festival 2016 about, then I'd humbly say '...Rozalla' without underrating all other featured acts of course! She has put the right magic on this Festival via her beauty of a voice!

Apart from that, SubLove spitted a mental hardcore set, enjoyed that quite a lot, N.R.G. is a leader, Davos & Mark XTC were geniously providing their positive vibes, The Freestylers put some class with their set including classic 90's anthems that crew went crazy, General Levy was completely 'wicked wicked' and local badboys were a great addition to the whole good result of these rolling 2 days!

Here's a short clip off my set, as recorded from my buddy DJ 2nzy (Damage Inc./Sonic Fortress) who had also interviewed me for the duties of the Strictly Nuskool Blog. (Check full interview HERE).

Bigup to MC Fusion who jumped in for my last 2 tunes spitting proper mcing over tunage, while following The Fat Controller after me and kept the fire burning over the dancefloor!

Wielka milosc Łódź... No more other words of luv to express what happened these days, big festival and everything was Lodz-ic in the end!


signed tee - Lodz 2016

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