Tuesday 27 September 2016


I was invited from a Russian friendly label called SUBWISE and its manager DJ/producer Spotovsky, to feature a podcast for the label and its special session of guest mixes so that made me dig into something different, closer to label's character but not unknown to myself at all.
And that was a good chance for me, putting a class selection of Acid House, Oldskool Techno ravey tunes into one mix.

No further description, show love to the labels & producers involved inside and hope you enjoy the mix.


slipmatt - acid soldier [BALKAN VINYL]
dawl - move me [TONE DROPOUT]
posthuman - back to acid [BALKAN VINYL]
toddla t sound - acid [DEFECTED]
marcquis hawkes - acid sofa [CREME ORGANIZATION]
nicky dungeons - acid throw back (sonic force remix)
mark archer - cogzy [ANECDOTE]
riva starr ft. dj pierre - acid train [HOT CREATIONS]
dmx krew - bleepology [SUPER RHYTHM TRAX]
lfo - lfo (origin house RIP mark bell remix)
special request - damage [XL]
earth leakage trip - clockwork [RISING HIGH]
turntable actor chloroform - flashback 2 [OUT OF OBSCURE]


большая любовь Russian Crew!

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