Thursday 1 September 2016

Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - Season 2015-2016 [FREE DL of shows archive]

One more radio season has ended up with a superb way and by a total number of 30 shows including each and every week new and forthcoming releases and a great chance checking out what was hot during this year into the Hardcore and Jungle scene!

Apart from that I had the chance to host great guests throughout this season like Dave Skywalker, Xenophobia, Coco Bryce, Goreshit, Kushti, IRultimate, Empyreal, Doughboy, Orestiz, Killaflaw, NJ zEn,Yell-O-Phase, Paul Cronin, Oneplayz and Chiqui.

The truth is that this year was hard enough but a good headache as I'd describe it in the end, because it's all for the love of the buzz!

And the whole movement is alive for sure, so you should get yourselves more into it!

I would like to thank all producers, label managers and listeners, Technically Sound Graphic Design, Danny from The Prodigy Fanboy, all Strictly Nuskool Blog & Planet Rave Radio crew & fans and of course every raving soul wordwide keeping on listening and spreading the GenX glowvibe to the masses!

So, here's a link with Generation X [RadioShow] archives from season 2015-2016

Feel free to spread and share it to anyone you'd love to.

More info about the new season shows @ Planet Rave Radio will be announced soon...Make sure to subscribe to my mailing list HERE to stay updated with anything.

Now I'm focusing on my gig over Lodz @ Old Skool Festival 2016!

Big Glowluv!

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