Friday 15 January 2016

Respect The Supersonic Army!

Feel more than pleased seeing my name on the cover art of an album! Massive Respect to a friendly UK producer like The Supersonic Army for the special shouts out & appreciation to myself and Strictly Nuskool as featured on his personal 'Horror In Paradise' album, which was released over the last year and is an impressive electronic work in overal!
This album consists of 9 tracks (inc. also 2 bonus live tracks) of hard dance music as a general description, inspired a lot from his fav band, The Prodigy and adding elements of darkness inside along with his energetic beats!

'Horror In Paradise' is dressed up on an amazing digipak, was printed under the limited number of 100 CD copies and is definetely attractive!
You may grab it now here

Worth to mention also that SSA used to tour with the Jilted Generation (no.1 tribute band of the Prodigy) and am really glad having a good connection with him these years, with a special highlight, his personal release on the Strictly Nuskool Blog titled 'Hardcore Chapter 2006-2007' which is about an oldskool influenced work (originally created about 9yrs ago) remastered and released on free download from SNB.

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