Friday 1 January 2016

GL0WKiD 'Happy Being Harsh' #KikwearMorningMix (Mix for Kikwear)

Happy new Year to all!! I'd be kind and unleash a special gift to you all and especially all hard raving crew!! This gift aims to unite all of us on a 45min' & 190bpm range trip so let yourself glow on this one...

It was hard enough to choose tunes for this mix, but finally I've made it look quite.. harder as far as it could get!

So, here's my proud #KikwearMorningMix as I've got recently invited to do it, for the 24yr old Rave clothing industry like KIKWEAR.
Fasten your seatbelts, call your neighbour to join in, keep away your gradma and enjoy 45 minutes of pumping ravecore, hardcore techno, gabber and hardstyle smashers!

'Happy Being Harsh' #KikwearMorningMix

01. AcdBrnOut - Bangers, Mash & Cheesy Beans [LLTA]
02. Hamsta - Heaven Will Be (Hardcore Is The Future)
03. Vaenus - Pump This Party (90's Remix) [TOUITSU]
04. Limited Toss - Love Parade [DANCE CORPS]
05. Goreshit - Raveland Revisited (extra shit mix)
06. Breakforce One - A Tribute To Dune [CORE COLLECTIVE]
07. AleX Tune - Speed It Up [OFF ME NUT]
08. FFF - Acceler8 (Remix By m1dy) [MURDER CHANNEL]
09. Goreshit and Ayane Fukumi - Anatidae Pervert Attack
10. DJ Donna Summer - Get Down [COCK ROCK DISCO]
12. Hackd - Hot'N'Ready [RAVERTOOTH TIGER]
13. Knife Party - Bonfire (Mitomoro Bootleg)
14. Human Resource - Dominator (The Panacea VIP) [PRSPCT]
15. Phuture Doom - Doom Terror Corps [OWSLA]
16. Akagitune - Last Signal [ATTACK THE MUSIC]
17. Nutype - Spitfire [T3H]
18. Luna-C - Fuck Orff Again [BANGFACE]

Bon Appetite Loud & Proud all around!!

Make sure to follow KIKWEAR and be a part of it by purchasing any of its great variety of products, such as phat pants in multiple leg openings, T-Shirts, jackets, hoodies, head wear and accessories.

All made under the unique & authentic KIKWEAR flavour & spirit!


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