Thursday 10 December 2015

"In Complete Darkness....." - Interview with DJ FAT CONTROLLER @ Strictly Nuskool Blog

This week came...'in complete darkness' after having some good chat with the godfather of...'Complete Darkness', the man like DJ FAT CONTROLLER just few days before his visit to Lodz/Poland, where he's involved on a massive lineup featuring also Altern 8, Baby D, Whizzkid, N.R.G., Damage Inc. and various polski local hardcore soldiers!

So, the mighty DJ FAT CONTROLLER accepted my invitation for an interview given for the duties of the Strictly Nuskool Blog and shared his feelings back then when he created the '93 oldschool anthem 'In Complete Darkness

"....the music was changing to a much darker sound whilst I preferred the more happier side of things. I preferred emotive strings, stab patterns and pianos. As it looked like the scene was starting to divide my idea behind 'In Complete Darkness' was that no matter what the genre of rave music, we was all ravers and irrespective of our differences within music we should just get on and rave as one." he picked the alias "Fat Controller"

" The name 'Fat Controller' came at around 86-87, when I started playing acid and house in the local area to Torquay. A good friend of mine had seen a few posters with my then name on 'DJ Jay' and said that I should really be called 'The Fat Controller' as it seemed that I was in control of the local rave scene!

Obviously I was big boned even back then! And the name just stuck from then on!

....the recent remix project of his 'In Complete Darkness'

" The remix project is something that just gathered momentum all on its own, from a simple idea of the remix to so many people contacting me to have a chance to make a remix. The album idea simply gave a lot of people a platform to show that they are producing music I do not go out of my way to listen to new music, I simply keep on moving with all the music of my past.
Obviously the UK hardcore scene went far too techno for me (should have been called happy techno) and it was purely the love for the older music that inspired me to get out and about once again even now I am producing again everything I have worked on so far and new material I have in production has a huge influence of what we call the old skool era.


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