Monday 14 December 2015

ask.....GORESHIT (Forthcoming Interview @ Generation X [RadioShow])

I'm very happy to announce a confirmed guest for 2016 @ Generation X [Radioshow].

Who is who?

The year 2005, was originally formed as a two-piece black metal project and 2 years after till present, it's all about a talented and energetic producer/DJ with some outstanding hot ideas of productions featured on a great variety of releases blended by Breakcore, Speedcore, IDM, Drum & Bass, Hardcore Techno, Happy Hardcore, Dancecore, Mashcore vibes as well as being one of the pioneers & leaders of Lolicore genre.

Ladies & Gents.. Boys and Gaaals..brace yourselves for the man like GORESHIT, who's about to join GenX show for a special buzzin' guest mix alongside an interview!

I'm personally fan of his sick ideas, blending emotions and genres while giving a special dish in every release.. So this is gonna be HUGE enough and also a great chance hearing him talking about his own work.

..And the big deal?

Calling all headstrong crew & GORESHIT fans all over the world to take their opportuninty and.. ask him whatever they'd love to know about! Good chance getting to know him better, right..?
You can send me over your questions to
glowkidmusic [at] yahoo [dot] gr with subject "goreshit interview".

Deadline: 6th January 2016

Check out his recent release, which is a split with Ayane Fukumi.

'Loli or Die' is available on digital format and there will be also a vinyl release of this stuff during 2016.

website - facebook - youtubesoundcloud - bandcamp


  1. can you tell a story about the most interesting/sweet/crazy or violent thing you've ever seen on the dancefloor?

  2. What was the inspiration for tracks like o'er the flood, and the nature of dying?
    And are you going to do more songs like that?

  3. How did you come up with the name Goreshit and why did you stick with it?

  4. How does a man continue to live after missing the release of MLSFAW, besides heavy drinking and writhing around ofcourse?

    Oh, and you ever play Turrican on the Amiga? Amazing soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck.