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WoS138CD:: KILLAFLAW 'Sleaze & Grit' [out from Wall of Sound on 7th September 2015]

signed CD copy of 'Sleaze & Grit' by Killaflaw

KILLAFLAW is definetely one of the bands that will draw your attention with one way or another. 
This 9yr old act has already gained much doing some outstanding steps in the scene with great achievement, such as 2008 award winner on 'XFM's Demo of the Year' with 'Revolution', playing out at Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Camden's Club NME Night at Koko, various venues over their hometown (Liverpool) and several of UK's O2 Academys alongside performances on MTV, BBC, NME Radio, XFM Radio. They've also been remixed by the legends Utah Saints on their track 'Set Me On Fire' which (the original version) reached NO.1 in the US DMC Main Chart and House Chart and stayed there for several weeks.

The big step for them, came around 2013, when they signed on Wall of Sound, a great label which has brought in the surface mighty acts like Propellerheds and Royksopp.
'Broken Idol' was the first EP from there, alongside a remix from Freq Nasty and by that time they had also the chance to remix Bloody Beatroots ft. Paul McCartney tune released in Ultra Records!

After several EPs, many remixes & devoted hard work, the fans were expecting for an Album but the one half of Killaflaw Andy Paton has explained few weeks ago on an interview @ Popped Music why it didn't come out back then.
" We didn’t want to throw it out blind, you’ve got to be in a good position to release and we’ve had a few peaks and troughs. We’ve known so much good music to have fallen through the cracks for our friends because they’ve been rushed to release it."
(Read full interview here)
2015 is the year of their debut album's release, the perfect time when rave force meets rock rebel buzz, and...The Prodigy get blended with Led Zeppelin, the Chemical Brothers and Soundgarden as its said & described in their received feedback, but furthermore i'll add that Pendulum meet the dirty attitude of Ping Pong Bitches & Nirvana's anger. Anyone who's inspired on these influences has to dig the new Killaflaw album, and won't get disappointed at all!

'Sleaze & Grit' is the title of  KILLAFLAW's upcoming 13 track album, coming out on 7th September 2015 from Wall of Sound.

01. Already Dead
02. Revolution (’15 EQ)
03. Own Way
04. Glass Of Water
05. Testify
06. Message
07. Milk And Whiskey
08. Set Me On Fire (Re-Edit)
09. Carrie
10. Faustus
11. Broken Idol
12. Sleaze And Grit
13. Black Cat

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Liverpool's pure talented, uplifting and hungry for music duet, like Andy Paton (keyboards, production, trumpet) and Benn Helm (vocals, lyrics, guitar) a.k.a. KILLAFLAW, invite you all to their world of chaos and spinning dirty vibes! The real revolution begins from now!

I had the pleasure to receive a promo CD copy of 'Sleaze & Grit' signed also by Andy, and have to admit that its into my weekly soundtracks as the result and the whole work is adorable!

Starting with an incredible artwork by Le Visualisme and entering to the tracklist and the smashing opener 'Already Dead'!
Second fav track is 'Revolution ('15 eq)' and  '....the battle lines are drawn....we are marching on to war'. A serial killer of a track, a complete exposer on lives!
'Own Way' is a positive uplifting vibe, cant get down with it! Big uptempo buzz stuck with Benn's vox. You can listen to it exclusively on Popped Music  here

This is already announced to be the first EP out from the new album, due to be released on 24th August 2015 from Wall of Sound, featuring the original track, a b-side and two stunning remixes by DPPLGNGRS and DJ Hyper!

'Carrie' is a kind of a trip between 'Mempnhis Bells' and 'Action Radar'. (both on 'Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned' from the Prodigy) That was my first thought when heard it as took me back to 2004 and that prodge installment! The spirit is really similar on this one and many other tracks, so Prodigy fans will be definetely interested on this stuff! Amazing instrumental piece of darkness, no vox at all on this one, but a "bells & drops" recipe.

'Faustus' is a beast, must be the top from the 'very fresh unleased stuff' from the boys! The combo of chorus & hot drops will drive you insane with the rhythm! Proper damaging dish! Massive work, so save that tune in your mind really!

On the highlight tracks 'Sleaze and Grit' from the eponymous album, and everything starts on the first 10 oldskool seconds which made me fly. Filthy bass on one of the slowest tunes of the album and incredible additional vox in flow from Shunda K.
Closing tune, is the second instrumental tune of this release,  titled 'Black Cat' and its a chillin' beats epilogue to the band's debut! Sensational..with one word.

In conclusion, the revolutionary duet from UK is about to offer a class damage with the very promising 13track 'Sleaze & Grit', which in my opinion will be definetely into the nominations on next year's Breakspoll Awards and on other big awards aswell!

The key word and trademark is...ENERGY!
Fair play from the boys on this astonishing work!

I'm really glad also to announce a forthcoming interview with the boys on new season's Generation X [RadioShow] so watch this space for the date of it! Make sure to subscribe your email on this website to stay updated!

WoS138CD:: KILLAFLAW 'Sleaze & Grit' [WALL OF SOUND on 7th Sep.2015]

RATE: 9/10

Fav Tracks:  'Faustus' -  'Broken Idol'  - 'Own Way'  -  'Sleaze & Grit'  - 'Already Dead'

Finally here's some official feedback from some established heads over the Music Industry

  • “I’m totally feelin’ ‘em” - Liam Howlett (The Prodigy) 
  • “The album is sounding great” - Utah Saints 
  • “Killaflaw skillfully fuse blues, rock’n’roll, with beats and dance music” - Artrocker 
  • “What may happen if Alter Bridge’s and Slash’s front man Myles Kennedy would procreate with the guys from Sneaker Pimps.” - Metal Mouth 
  • “Killaflaw have the passion, the soul, the raw power and the tunes. They’re gonna be massive.” - DJ Magazine 
  • “Filth-bomb” - Louder Than War 
  • “If you are looking for something totally different but still like your rock nasty with a large dash of electronica look no further than Killaflaw....The music is not only interesting, catchy and intense it also captures the imagination and teases you with snapping confrontation. The unique vocals of Benn just haunts and more than grazes the senses.” - Crimson Moon 
  • “Great to finally get Sleaze and Grit out there. They’re a band whose music has never been more relevant in these heady days of Rock N Rave... sorry RDM" - Mark Jones (Wall Of Sound) 


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