Sunday 2 August 2015

The Chemical Brothers 'Born In The Echoes' NO.1 on UK's Official Album Charts

So pleased to see my two personal favourite acts releasing new studio albums during this year, and both of these albums being absolutely amazing and getting huge responce!
And yes I mean about 'The Day Is My Enemy' from the Prodigy and the massive Chemical return after 5 years from their latest 'Further' with a brand new electronic dish specialized for boys & girls in the echoes!

'Born In The Echoes' must be the album of the month! It's the great return of the Chemical Brothers, the mighty and legendary duet from UK, being pioneers in many ways in electronic music offering massive anthems throughout their 24 yr career from Dust Brothers alias till now!

Their 8th studio album came out from Virgin on 17th July wordwide and on 24th July in UK & Ireland. 'Sometimes I Feel So Deserted' was the first single, which came out in April followed by 'Go' and 'Under Neon Lights'. Worth to mention that there are also some collaborations involved with contributors like Beck, Ali Love, Q-Tip, Cate Le Bon and St. Vincent.

The big announcement came few days ago, when it was announced that the album has achieved reaching on NO.1 on UK's Official Album Charts, giving the boys their 6th No.1 studio Album.
Their previous No.1 albums were 'Dig Your Own Hole (1997)', 'Surrender (1999)', 'Come With Us (2002)', 'Push The Button (2004)' and 'We Are The Night (2007)'.
This new success on Charts made them the only dance act with so many no.1 chart topping albums followed by The Prodigy, who have 5  NO.1.

There are different versions of the Album on various formats, so any fan of CD or Vinyl or boxset will be satisfied with the whole result! I've personally grabbed the CD Deluxe version of it, which features 11 album tracks & 2 bonus tracks, 2 bonex mixes of 'Reflexion' and 'Go'.

After several listens on it, I admit that 'EMF Ritual' is defo my top tune of this release, especially the chapter two of it, spitting storming beats & atmosphere after the first 3min' getting totally sick! Some of you could describe it like a modern 'Hey Boy Hey Girl' maybe.
The idea of this track is somehow similar so agree on that point of view.
'Sometimes I Feel So Deserted' is a great opener of this release and of course digging it, as this phrase is totally stuck in my mind, pretty good vox sampled in there.
'Under The Neon Lights' shows the direction of the BITE era, driven by an outstanding feature with great vox of St. Vincent (Annie Clark) and ''....All I want's a view tonight..''

Moving to next fav track titled 'Just Bang' which is how Chems are raving, and feeling it. A warehouse, techno & acid influenced tune with a dark attitude and my personal hidden gem from that record.
'Reflexion' is a classic Chem track for late hours, driving by car after a long night partying! Sure its proper fo that!
Regarding 'Go' as it seems the kind of mainstream hit of this album, finds me more into [Special Request Warehouse Remix] as Paul Woolford did a completely class rework in there.

Last track to display is the Japanese bonus track 'Direct Buki' with storming techno & acidic synth lines makes it a big hit of this album, and of course a unique gift straight to Japanese fans! "This chemical's good... This chemical's bad!"
'Born In The Echoes' Back

You can grab now 'Born In The Echoes' on:
iTunes  here
Amazon here
Official Chemical Brothers store here
Google Play  here

And finally for those who've missed it, especially for any Chem fan, you need to check out my Chemical Brothers Tribute as presented on my radio show (broadcasted 3 weeks ago @ Planet Rave Radio) celebrating 20 yrs of their debut album 'Exit Planet Dust' and a kind of warmup before the launch of 'Born In The Echoes'.
This 2hr show features a diversity of tracks from their discography & remixes and live versions from the early days till their latest hit 'Go'..

You can listen to full show in here.

This mixcloud link includes also free DL link & Tracklist.

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