Saturday 1 August 2015

LUNA-C Reviews GL0WKiD

First of all just to be kind with all of you, a 'big and glowing welcome' to my new webhome and hope you will njoy, dig all this stuff and of course stay updated to anything related with me, my show and many more others goodies coming up in the near future.
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This new home opens with a superb way and my first blogpost in here is more than an honoured moment as the very respected hardcore head LUNA-C has reviewed my guest mix on DJ Kushti's SolidSound radioshow on his Kniteforce website.

So about 10 days ago I was invited by Kushti to join on his radio show SolidSound broadcasted on Dublin South FM 93.9 and dropped a selection of Mutant Bass/Footwork-Juke/Acid/Jungle vibes from various great, some friendly and beloved producers alongside being interviewed talking about my show, the underground scene in Athens and even about...The Prodigy.

You can check out my guest mix + interview here:

Last week, LUNA-C set up a #lunaclistens post on facebook where he's listening & reviewing the music from the first person who responds on this Monday's post with any track/podcast/radioshow. So this week I came first responding to this post and getting a review from him.

Regarding LUNA-C's review about my guest mix, I gotta admit that its definetely more than pleasure to receive such a great feedback from an established hardcore member like him. Feel glad we are having a good connection and of course its a kind of duty for all oldskool fans to support Kniteforce Records/KFA as the label is still busy in the hardcore game, remaining strong and releasing a large dose of stuff!

So here's a part of his review

'' Having heard GL0WKiD before (he gave me a set for the Kniteforce podcast, Podcast 44 – go check it out), and having been in contact with him a number of times, the show definitely lived up to expectations. The last time I listened to one of his mixes I was surprised and happy to hear a large variety of hardcore tracks that were both breakbeat and modern and seemed to exist in a world of their own. It was fantastic, and this mix is more of the same, so it couldn’t be better really. GL0WKiD is a great Dj and all the mixes are tight enough that I sometimes couldn’t detect them. This mix showcases a different style of hardcore, one we could do with more of in my humble opinion, plus it is a very good interview with GL0WKiD. In the modern day, we all tend to message each other and often get straight to the point. So even though I have messaged with GL0WKiD before, and he has of course reviewed / posted about my music, there was a lot for me to learn about this Athens based Dj. ''


For those who've missed Kniteforce podcast 44 alongside my guest mix, you can check it out here and of course Luna-C's interview on the Strictly Nuskool Blog (click here). Cos Chris has always something interesting to say, reveal or comment with his own very special way.


Make sure also to subscribe to the mailing list on the Kniteforce website as he will be giving away 1 free track per 2 weeks around, and of course more KF releases to come on the pipeline so ..make it happen, to keep yourselves directly informed.

Thank you again LUNA-C for all the positive 'hardcore' feedback!

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