Wednesday 25 October 2023

Strictly Nuskool Blog turns 10 years old

Times flies so fast… I still have fond memories of my first contact with Tariq Ziyad back in 2013, followed by my entry into the team of the Strictly Nuskool Blog.
It was the beginning of a remarkable 10-year-old chapter written in golden letters.
Over the last decade we've achieved so many milestones, hosted interviews with legends and the new breed of producers, run the annual 'Hall of Fame' series of mixes highlighting the best tunes of each and every year, among monthly freebies lists through Soundcloud. Last but not least, the second role of the Blog is essential too, as it serves various free download releases as a label, with an aim to introduce new producers to the masses.
So, there are producers such as Nefti, Gareth Monks, Wislov, DJ Rave In Peace, Master Mash, 1st Science, Orestiz, Bassraver, Mark C, but to name a few, who truly believed in the essence of the Strictly Nuskool label and made it happen. As we always say, all we ask is everyone's sincere support on the Artists behind the tracks, since all these releases are given out for free.

Off to the very fresh third chapter of Strictly Nuskool Blog, that took me approx. three months of work and it has been already receiving a huge response. The compilation album consists of 17 new and exclusive tracks from a diverse range of producers hailing from countries such as the UK, Greece, Poland, US, Ireland, Russia, Lithuania and Singapore. What's incredible is that none of the involved acts have released anything before with Strictly Nuskool, and the youngest player over is aged only 21. And then, I receive heartful e-mails from newbie acts in the game that I recently got in contact with them in order to submit a track for this release: 

"Wow, it looks super awesome! We've downloaded the tracks and had a listen and are super honoured to be surrounded by such great artists and choons. I don't entirely know how you found us, but I'm really glad you did! Bigups for all your hard work and dedication on this. It's been a pleasure working with you" - Jakuzzi Superstar

"It’s a manic compilation - sick how you’ve sourced people from all over the world" - DJ HEW

"This hole thing has done a lot to push me to keep going and improve. It means a ton. Thanks again man!" - Sexygarbageman

You can download the album for free here and I'd suggest you listen to a special showcase broadcasted on Bass Scoops Radio, where I talk about the process of the compilation among some milestones of the Blog. On this episode, Bass Scoops hosted also interviews with Pressure, MZA, MOZDJ, Jakuzzi Superstar, Simi and Lukas Ungeitis talking about their super album tracks.

Link to listen

On a personal note, I'm deeply thankful for the general feedback and amazing worldwide response on the release. Bigup to the 17 heroes inside!
More to come - Stay Nuskool!

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