Saturday 22 July 2023

The Prodigy have expanded the heatwave in Athens

foto by Release Festival

The Prodigy returned to Greece after eight years, playing at the Release Festival in Athens on 21st July.

Everyone's thoughts have been surrounded through this kinda new stage, the actual new era of the band right after Keith's loss. Well, it's already happening on their tour, which is still in progress, and advocators can claim that they run a very successful row of gigs, despite the absence of the legend Keef.

Greece, and particularly Athens, is under a soaring heatwave this week, peaked at the day of the gig with some awful weather conditions. Since yesterday the heatwave, named 'Cleon', was surpassed by a marvellous musical mayhem, so it could be renamed as The Prodigy. Firstly we are all aware of a heavier and acidic weather experience since '92, cos of Liam Howlett. Secondly, The Prodigy energy is something unique in every place, there's always an excitement for a prodge gig and speaking about Greece there is a very strong vibe built between the band and the local crowd over the years.

Just for the record, The Prodigy were the headliners of the 13th day of the festival, which included also performances from the Primal Scream and the local electronic act of Lip Forensics.

Around 23:15, the band kicked off with 'Breathe' and the crowd has instantly gone mad, with their eyes stuck in the 'army of the ants' background on stage. 'Everybody In The Place' was a tune that multiplied many grinning faces from back in the day, followed by 
the lasers that took over the Athenian sky and all around the festival. It was the moment that Liam Howlett dropped 'Firestarter'. It was an heartful tribute to Keith Flint, and Maxim was just standing at attention without saying anything, even when the latest released 'Firestarter' remix by Andy C was dropped. The classic killer track ended with the masses shouting "Keith, Keith!". This was by far the most emotive moment.
'No Good', is one of those tracks that speak inside the Greek DNA for many reasons. People love it, and it was the ideal burner to the party that was already in a very good level. Liam led the rhythm among the additional drum kicks of Leo Crabtree.

Almost 00:00 and the temperature was recorded 31°C (87,8 °F). The Prodigy warriors didn't care at all. On the contrary, there was an active moshpit and some smoke grenades have lighted up for a couple of minutes, before removed. 
Maxim cued the crowd to set a big circle and 'Their Law' tore down everything by the powerful guitars, beats and a few middle fingers up in the sky. We all came one! And of course, nothing can beat the live version of 'Smak', which is the last tune before the encore. Cut the midrange, drop the bass, for the oldskool crew. It's the anthem that unites people of different ages, it keeps alive the Prodigy legacy and it drives everyone mad especially after the breakdown - you can easily get that feeling when it's played out live. 
Last but not least, there has to be a special reference to the message 'We Live Forever', which is more than just a track from 'No Tourists' album. An oldskool friendly tune that gave the pass to the closing '92 classic 'Out Of Space' that was the epitome of a new remarkable Prodigy experience, that blew away everyone in Athens this week.

In overall, the solid energy was there and the Greek crew have shown again why they remain in the elite of the hardcore Prodigy fans. The boys have almost confirmed that again with their statement.

"Greece Athens, u brought the supreme Rukus , it was insane respect to all the Greek people who came out , we luv y’all" - Liam Howlett [The Prodigy Official]

 "Respect to all the people who came out to Release Festival. We love coming to Greece, you are an amazing crowd and you always bring the fire" - Maxim

A review like this one is mostly specified to the new Prodigy era, aiming to spread the message that The Prodigy will be forever alive out there. The band has nothing to prove to anyone, as they rule the game for over three decades. The army of the Ants shall be next to this new adventure.

  Setlist - Release Festival (21st July 2023) 
Light Up The Sky
Everybody In The Place
Voodoo People
No Good
Their Law
Get Your Fight On
Smack My Bitch Up
Take Me To The Hospital
Invaders Must Die
We Live Forever
Out Of Space


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