Sunday 17 July 2022

Top 5 Vinyl Recommendation (Summer 2022)

NJOI - Hidden Gems Vol.1 [Food Music]

The groundbreaking duet of NJOI is back and you should note that.
Their signing in Food Music has been very promising and the first preview under the title 'Collected' went down a storm easily.
Add to that the long awaited tracks that fans demand to see somehow released as separated from the '92 seminal 'Live In Manchester' (no.12 in the UK Charts of that year). Thirty years after but never too late, we're delighted to finally get some of these anthemic tracks like "fully extended individual recordings" as officialy stated.
'Hidden Gems Vol.1' will be also followed by a second Volume including the rest of the rave weapons from the oldskool rave kings Nigel Champion and Mark Franklin.

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Moby - Early Underground [D.E.F.]

D.E.F. (Deutsch Englische Freundshaft) is about to reissue 8 classic albums from Moby (including also his debut self-titled which turns 30 this year).
One of them as featured on this top 12" selection, is the 'Early Underground' which is originally a compilation album from Moby with tracks under his various aliases such as Barracude, Brainstorm, UHF and Voodoo Child. The album was originally released in March 1993 and what makes it big and valuable is the fact that it was never released on vinyl format, aside the CD and cassette. (Thanks to Mobynews for the info).
In overall, this record feels to be the most appropriate presentation of the oldschool rave, techno and house early days of Moby. A time when an eccentric musical talent like himself was tearing down every single place firing the masses through his hardware. GO!

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DJ Y - Love Potion EP [Faces of Bass]

21st century Jungle prince, Coco Bryce, never forgets his 'Dutch roots' hence the launch of Faces of Bass. It's one of his own imprints made in order to deliver that type of oldskool sound on Early Hardcore, Techno, Gabber tip. The third release consists of two 4/4 early hardcore slammers from his side project, driven at 160 bpm speed.

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Stu Chapman - Rude Boy EP [Remix Records]

Australia based Stu Chapman is a definite ambassador of Hardcore Breaks. Known off his Stu & Nee project with the mighty DJ Nee, used to co-run Enormous Mouse and yet he's been pushing out the sounds of Nu-Rave since its early days. Stu is now signed to Remix Records and he's offering some amazing fresh uplifters that have been firing through Kniteforce Radio
It might sound crazy but this record is officially the first personal EP coming from him.
We're dealing with a badboy bizniz of a contemporary sound through his hardware beauties.
This man needs no further description within the Nu-Rave scene.

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KiNK - Hyper Epic [Sofia Records]

Words are poor when we speak about KiNK. An indispensable live performer that everyone should watch live as soon as possible if still haven't. A human machine of beats that brings people together on the dancefloor with his latest installment that says it all. It''s hyper epic.
This EP is an incredible dose of energy messing around with Acid, House and Techno; KiNK knows the way eventually. It comes out via Sofia Records co-run by himself alongside KEi.
Have to admit that the nostalgic rave vibe of 'Wake Up' is a proper opener and even bigger, the highlight of this record.

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