Monday 11 July 2022

Rave The Planet brought the Loveparade joy

Rave The Planet 1. Mission accomplished.

It was extravaganza. It was spectacular. But most of all, it was essentially needed by everyone. People do not ever forget their need to party, and the need to escape by expressing themselves freely.
This new Loveparade has been one of the answers to the souls requests.
It came just in the right time in order to revive the good old days and even further.
Run by the original founder of the 90's phenomenal Loveparade, the man like Dr. Motte, this new version presented actually an open air demonstration aiming to preserve the clubbing and electronic dance music culture as a cultural achievement. In a nutshell, this is called Rave The Planet.
There are moments like this that the optimism is shining by the power of unity under Dance music. The mantra of the first RTP festival was 'TOGETHER AGAIN' and it took place on 9th of July in nowhere else than the most appropriate city; Berlin.
It is rumoured that there were around 200,000-300,000 ravers on a massive cuddle puddle.
There were 18 trucks playing out music, with a big lineup of DJs such as Dr. Motte, Westbam, Nakadia, A*S*Y*S b2b Kai Tracid, Metaraph, but to name a few.

Unfortunately due to busy personal schedule I couldn't attend on this year's huge outdoor celebration, but I shall keep my eyes peeled for the next one of course. However, I got some friends who went there and sent me some words about this experience.
Thanks a lot to Lukas from Wolfsburg in Germany (better known as TNO Project from Kniteforce Records) and Rob who travelled from Lodz, Poland.

"So, our journey to Berlin started on Saturday morning at the train station in Wolfsburg, where we saw lots of fellow ravers already. The train was overfilled but got even more so on the train from Magdeburg to Berlin. During the ride, Techno was already playing thru Bluetooth speakers and beer was shared. Around 2 pm we got out of the train in Berlin Bahnhof Zoo and it was quite fascinating seeing so many ravers already. We headed to the Kurfürstendamm, where the parade just started and couldn't believe just how many people there were. They estimated about 60 to 70k, but in the end they were over 300k people just raving peacefullly together. We started at the first float and exactly when we joined the masses, it started raining heavily for about 30 min. But we quickly danced ourselves dry over the course of the next 7h following the parade. We managed to witness all of the trucks and I have to say all of them was great!
Minimal techno, Berlin industrial techno, classic 90s techno and faster hardcore stuff, everything was there. It was really overwhelming, being the first time raving with so many people. One of the greatest moments for me was heading to the Siegessäule when the sun was about to set, just beautiful. We made a break in the nearby park and got ourselves ready for the After-party in the Ost-Hafen Club hosted by Goanautika. We had quite a long waiting time in the queue, but it was worth it. All in all, the first installment of the new Loveparade definitely showed, that the rave & techno scene is stronger than ever and so happy to be able to rave together again after 2 years of lockdowns and Corona policies! See you there next year!" - Lukas

"I was worried at first. I’ve expected to see a lot of people coming to parade, but crawling through Berlin seems a bit off, only a few people in colorful outfits and that's all. But it had already hit me up while coming closer to the point of start. First noises, then a crowd of colorful people. The atmosphere gets me in instantly. I was right at the start of Dr. Motte’s speech. The energy of the ravers just sucked me in, already become a part of the experience. Just after the first truck starts to move, huge rain hits. But it didn’t stop most of the party people to keep on dancing in the rain.
Short rain quickly fade away and the crowd slowly moved forward. Many trucks, with many DJs and even more different genres of Techno music, old classics from the old times of Love Parade, some new tracks, from acid to hardcore. It appears to me that raves is no longer only for young people - many older ravers showed their energy too. All the way down the street up to the classic statue, parade moved without problems, except that it stopped earlier than planned – as the story goes, too many people came...
It was absolutely amazing, lifetime experience, absolutely worth arriving from Poland." - Rob

In any case, anyone that is still missing the 'real action', can simply take a gander on this live broadcast by ARTE TV Channel. It totally stands out seeing so many happy faces under one vibe. It's been 16 years since the last Loveparade and too many things have changed from that time, but not the emotions. The first loveparade of Rave The Planet is part of the history now; or even better it's the first chapter of a new history. All in all, Dr. Motte and his magnificent team should be proud for what they did last weekend. Simple as that mit Große Liebe!

Till next year ...

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