Wednesday 3 February 2021

Get to know COLL3CTO on the latest Generation X [RadioShow] on Kniteforce Radio (02 FEB.2021)

This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Kniteforce Radio
(www.kniteforce-radio.comon 2nd February 2021.
Presented & hosted by GL0WKiD.
Live streaming from Athens/Greece.
Artwork by GL0WKiD.

It was about 7 years ago, when I stumbled across some odd Big Beat sounds, in my usual kinda 'Jean Jacques Cousteau' search on Soundcloud and I pricked up my ears to this seriously attractive project.
His name's COLL3CTO. A riddle surrounding who's behind this robot suit inspired a lot by Daft Punk and providing storming breakbeats and big beats blended with some Acid and Nu-Rave mentality that's a natural progression of influencial melting pot with the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method and The Prodigy.

"Collecto is a robot who has but two programs loaded into his mainframe:
one is to deliver a creative and unique sound to the people of planet Earth, the other, to make them dance. No one knows when or where this robot arrived but the sound he has given to the people is that of high energy, funky breaks, grinding synths, and a perfect blend of the old school with the new, as he takes the electronic genre in his own direction."

COLL3CTO has been offering a quality of Big Beat tracks over the years, till he's released his debut 'TRAINING GROUNDS' album in 2019. One of my Top 10 albums from that year.
In the first days of this year, he released a live album called 'OUTSIDER' and you can watch him playing out all tracks from there in full video action (click here)

So, it was a matter of time to arrange a show for and with him. We skipped e-mails for the first time and came up with a very cool discussion that's very informative about his story so far, how he sees the future of Electronic music and his personal plans. Furthermore yours truly guessing correctly, one out of two labels that he's about to release some stuff there. (i.e. Criminal Tribe Records)
The show is half an hour extra due to hosting this special guest and expect a storming Big Beat session including my mix with the likes of The Supersonic Army, Freestylers, Little Orange UA, Under Break and Hackcore, then mixing up tracks from his new live album 'OUTSIDER'.
Chapter two of the show consists of our Interview among a live set from him that's shared exclusively for this show for the very first time. A trip to his early and formative days of 2014 somewhere over US and under his robot full gear.

Thanks again to all Kniteforce Radio chatroom crew, all glowing boys & gals, silent listeners and fans of this music. A good lesson to be taught after this show is that Big Beat never died. 
Although, we'll speak about it further again very soon...

Enjoy the recording of Tu(N)esday's show


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