Wednesday 6 January 2021

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Kniteforce Radio (5th January 2021)


This show was recorded as broadcasted live @ Kniteforce Radio
(www.kniteforce-radio.comon 5th January 2021.
Presented & hosted by GL0WKiD.
Live streaming from Athens/Greece.
Artwork by GL0WKiD.

First show of 2021 was a bit different from the others as it's delivering early 90s favourites and fresh tracks that are inspired a lot by that Rave period of '90-'92. Let's take it like 2021 is a new 1991. ONE is the key number, the key word.
Shouts out to all crew, all listeners, big glowluv and best of wishes for this new year.
From Altern 8, Looney Tunes, Cubic 22, T99 and Shamen to Special Request, Maruwa, Tommy Farrow, Chrissy, Denham Audio, Human Movement.

A 90 minute radio party that brings 90s to present's time.
Just to kick off this year with positive vibes, good energy and the same dreams that we carried back in the day.


Rozalla - Are You Ready To Fly [1992, PULSE-8 RECORDS]
Strike - U Sure Do [1994, FRESH]
2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This (Orchestral Mix) [1991, BYTE]
Hi Tek 3 feat. Ya Kid K - Spin That Wheel [1989, ARS]
T99 - Anasthasia (House-Jam) [1991, WHO'S THE BEAT]
Altern 8 - Activ-8 (Original Demo Version) [2020]
Looney Tunes - Just As Long As I Got You [1989,XL]
Cubic 22 - Night Motion [1991, BIG TIME INTERNATIONAL]
Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode [1992, ONE LITTLE INDIAN]
Technotronic - This Beat Is Technotronic (Dust Mix) [1990, ARS PRODUCTIONS]
Missqulater - Hong Kong 1996 [2020, EMULATION PHEW]
Piano Specs - Moby Goes Faithless [2019,Free Download]
Underworld - RezCowgirl (Boy Raver Re-Edit)
Human Movement - Waiting (D. Tiffany Remix) [2020, OF LEISURE]
Prospa - Ecstasy (Over & Over) (Special Request Remix) [2020, POLYDOR]
Rudimental feat. Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne - Come Over (Tommy Farrow Remix) [2020,ATLANTIC RECORDS UK]
The Prodigy - Skylined (Lars Moston's Really Special Rework) [2020, Free Download]
Maruwa - Electrain [2019, LOBSTER THEREMIN]
The Prodigy - Android (Fear-E's In The Place Remix) [2020, Free Download]
Scottb78 - Acid Kiss [2019, Free Download]
Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase (Timmo Rework) [2016, Free Download]
Liquid - Sick On Synthetics [2019, TRIPALIUM]
Chrissy - In Paradise (Loods Remix) [2020, 17 STEPS]
Motivbreaks - Raving Crew [2019]
Denham Audio - Free Your Soul [2020, THERE IS LOVE IN YOU]
Borai & Denham Audio - Make Me [2019, HIGHER LEVEL]

Happy New Year, Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku, с Новым Годом, Bonne Année,
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, Κali Chronia, Gott Nytt år, Hyvää Uutta Vuotta,

Next show::
2nd February 2021 same time same place, with my first Guest for the new year.
COLL3CTO (Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix)

Not to miss this one out..

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