Monday 22 July 2019

6 essential sexy 12" plates for your summertime

What do you have to do to spend a summer of good vibes?
Easy! You have to buy some fresh and attractive music, and I'm right here to recommend 6 EPs & new releases that will speak loud inside you, for every preference and simultaneously all of them representing different angles of Hardcore nowdays.

Let's get it started!

Kicking off with DJ Mag 'Best British label of 2018'. It's Sneaker Social Club. A label which has completely & proudly raised its own ID and puts lots of quality releases, you can tell the next level of raving and club music. This time Londoner producer/DJ, Soundbwoy Killah is about to release his highly anticipated debut album entitled 'Halcyon Daze' and we're definetely deadling with one of the best vinyl albums of this year. As the official statement says 'this is rave romanticism with a bite', Soundbwoy Killah captures with his own unique way the evolution of Jungle, Breaks, and Garage, from the magic opener 'Escape Velocity' to the finisher junglistic 'All Night Long' this album will accompany your rave feelings, either to lift you up or chill you after a hard rave night. Solid release, versatile quantity of vibes and top score again by both the label & the producer. Something modern into the Oldskool UK days of Hardcore, Jungle and Garage. Available on double 12" Vinyl and Digital format.


R4TL (Reach 4 The Lasers) goes for a brand new project from Australia making their debut release, which is brightening the last couple of weeks.
'United As One' is the name of an outstanding & catchy piano breakbeat gem with female vocals by the infamous Victoria Newton, former leading singer of the group Strike known for their huge anthem 'U Sure Do' back in 1994. An anthem which has hit No.4 in 1995 after re-released & reentering the charts in UK as well as big spots in various countries around the globe. Noteworthy to mention that the magic duet behind the production of this new record is Stu Chapman (Enormous Mouse) and Boykz and on the remix duties you can find legends like Luna-C, Dream Frequency and a collab between Stu Chapman & Mark XTC. Nothing but dopeness all around!

Late of last year we had the launch of this underground strictly white label imprint releasing an amazing ardkore record, then their first UK Garage records, followed by 2 fresh astonishing storming Hardcore releases. One of them is a limited 10" 2-track plate including 2 dark '93 inspired stompers made by a human...riddle, but genius producer; that has put a smile on my face when received the promos of this quality record.
Available on a limited number of 200 copies only, going out on Bandcamp and not in any other store; plus you can get the digitals too when purchasing the vinyl. Personally I'm truly addicted to these badboy vibes!


Ant To Be is a big chapter for the Nuskool Hardcore scene, a very talented producer from Russia who delivers one more 12" EP (his third in a row) on Knitebreed Records, working on this material for a long time.
Praised by Luna-C and supported a lot by many heads in & out of Kniteforce, Alex is here to score once again!
'Straight Outta Boondocks' is the name of his new record putting his own trademark on it and I can't get outta my head the A2 slam entitled 'This Cut'Big riddim!
The 12" Vinyl is out now including digis when purchasing it and worth to add also that there's an interview with Ant To Be on my following blogpost in the next days...

BUY: LINK 1 - LINK 2 - LINK 3 - LINK 4 

Hyped on Acid is the moniker of the Irish Hardcore Junglist John Reilly, who's already counting 2 more other class releases during this year.
'Get In The Flow' goes out on 12" Vinyl EP and digital too via Jedi Recordings, which will will be permanently closed as DJ Jedi sets up a new label called Cantina Cuts.
So this brand new EP consists of 4 tracks paying homage and reviving the '93 - '94 Hardcore Junglistic ethos. This new work is already embraced and supported by the majority of fans and it's something very limited and must for your collection since it's officially one of the last releases of Jedi Recordings.
And the future? The first release of the new imprint will feature tunes by Hyped On Acid, Beardy, Worldwide Epidemic and the head honcho DJ Jedi...
Till then get in the flow with this great plate!

BUY: LINK 1 - LINK 2 - LINK 3 - LINK 4 - LINK 5 

And what about some banging Techno for the closing?
Off to France and Nocturbulous Records and their recent offering which pays homage to the 1991 era of hoovers, TB 303s, full-on stabs and in overall an illicit warehouse buzz!
Their 5th installment goes out since early summertime with the likes of Slipmatt, Mark Archer, Olivier Abbeloos, Minimum Syndicat and of course the man behind the label and avid acid lover Jean Bruce!
'1991 Rave Re-Gener8tor EP' is your banging night on a illegal revival to the 90s! 
And if you purchase the digital version you can get two exclusive tunes by Jean Bruce and Jeff Strike.


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