Thursday 11 April 2019

#GLOWBUZZ Ep.005::The Man Behind The Mask Essential - Interview with MARK ARCHER (ALTERN 8/NEXUS 21)

How does it feel like when spending almost 5 hours with one of your music heroes?

24th of March 2019, Mark Archer was invited to play again over in Athens, thus he has returned stronger, in order to fulfill every desire for proper Oldskool rave, on a very emotional and energetic party organised by the local Greek oldskool team, Sunrise Zone.

Just before his appearance in Athens, I got the chance to spend many unforgettable hours with him. Chilling on a mini tour all around the central city, drinking Greek coffee, tasting local sweets and mainly...smiling a lot! It was fun!
And even though I had the chance to play alongside him on the first Unity In The Sun in 2017,(summer Oldskool festival based in Corfu/Greece); I didn't have the right time to get to know him.

And this time I gotta say that it all came beyond my expectations...
But aside all these... There's an Interview too!
Mark has opened his music life files, talking about the past, present and future of the iconic Rave legends Altern 8 and Nexus 21 as well as his eminent set @ Boiler Room, his regular BangFace appearances, his first time in Greece with Altern 8, the passing of Keith Flint from The Prodigy, onto his memoir and lots of more interesting stories in...!!

'The Man Behind The Mask Essential' is the brand new episode of #GLOWBUZZ paying homage to the 31 year old career of a humble, down to Earth and hard working father of Rave.

Mark is a living legend within the Rave scene and a man of integrity!

All in all, this is my proudest and most complete episode so far.
A good friend has just sent me a message saying " took me way back to good MTV shows".
This is a message that made me smile alongside with all the continuous feedback, support & love from YOU all...

Many hours of hard work and editing turned to become smileys and happiness.
This is the meaning of creating something for passion by passion.
This is the movement we love & represent.
This is a kinda expression to me...

Enjoy the show and as ever any feedback/comment/sharing would be much appreciated!

Watch the episode here


#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 005 was originally shot in March 2019 all around Athens/Greece including an exclusive special interview with Mark Archer (Altern 8/Nexus 21) made before his appearance on Sunrise Zone event on 24th March 2019.

Presented & Directed by GL0WKiD (
Video Editing by GL0WKiD & Akrivi Kollia (
Camera by: Marina El (
Intro by 2NZY/Damage Inc.
Outro: Altern 8 - Activ 8 (Vix-Vapo Mix) [NETWORK RECORDS]

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  • Music & Videos featured:

Altern 8 - A D-8 With Pleazure [NETWORK RECORDS]
Altern 8 - Real Time Status [NETWORK RECORDS]
Altern 8 - Evapor8 [NETWORK RECORDS]
DJ Nex - DJ Nex's Theme [STAFFORD NORTH]
DJ Nex - Respect Is Due [STAFFORD NORTH]
Altern 8 - Underground [NETWORK RECORDS]
Mark Archer - Tripod + 1 [De:tuned]
Altern 8 - Move My Body (Hard-Hardcore Mix) [NETWORK RECORDS]
Mark Archer Live @ Bangface (March 2019)
Mark Archer Live @ Boiler Room (May 2016)
Mark Archer @ Steam Club Athens (Sunrise Zone - March 2019)
Nexus 21 - Together (Live @ Dancedaze - December 1990)
Altern 8 - Brutal-8-e (Live @ Dance Energy)
Altern 8 - Activ 8 [Full Promo Video - sent by Mark Archer]
Liquid-8 Feat. Davina Myers - Colourblind [WAREHOUSE WAX]
Liquid-8 Feat. Davina Myers - The One [CAN YOU FEEL IT HOUSE]
Altern 8 - Everybody (2 Bad Mice Remix) [NETWORK RECORDS]
Altern 8 - Hypnotic St8 (Live @ Dance Energy)
Altern 8 - First of May [NETWORK RECORDS]
Nexus 21 - (Still) Life Keeps on Moving [BLUE CHIP]
Inner City - Let It Reign (Altern 8 Know The Score Mix) [10 RECORDS]
Full-On Megamix Of Full-On Mask Hysteria (Brutal-8-E/Re-Indulge/A D-8 With Plezure/Activ-8/8's Revenge/Armageddon) [NETWORK RECORDS]
Mark Archer - Frequency (AGT Rave Cru Remix) [BALKAN VINYL]
AGT Rave Cru - I've Got A Bad Feeling About This [RAVE WARS]
Slo Moshun - Bells of New York [6 x 6 RECORDS]
C & M Connection - Another Night (Electro) [BLUE CHIP]
Xen Mantra - Golden Delicious (Original Le Crunch Mix) [STAFFORD SOUTH]
Altern 8 VS Evelyn King - Shame (Hardcore Mix) [NETWORK RECORDS]
Altern 8 - One For John (DJ Nex Mix) [NETWORK RECORDS]
Phuture Assassins - Roots 'N' Future (Altern 8's Dark Future Remix) [SUBURBAN BASE]

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'Mele x Altern 8 - Acid Bang' is featured on 'Monki & Friends EP'

Watch Mark Archer DJ set @ Boiler Room (Nottingham - May 2016)

For this episode, I would like to thank a lot:

MARINA EL for being patient & creative sorting out the essential camera work.
AKRIVI for the hard work of editing & beering alongside a kid that glows.
ATHENA for the quick greek sign language lessons.
SIRZ from for the A-8 video & pics material (All used for promotional and good cause only. Credits to the the original sources).
SOFI for the violin recording/re-creating 'Activ8'.
TASOS DJ PHANTASY for the 1993 A-8 Salonica flyer
SPIROS DJ PRESSURE for the Sunrise Zone live vids of Mark's set.
DAMON (real T) as ever & all of YOU my lovely Brothers & Sisters showing relentlessly big respect to the #GLOWBUZZ series and to all the Producers, DJs, Label Managers, and Promoter Friends in the Nuskool Hardcore scene (you know who I'm talking to).

Massive Bigups to the Man Behind The Mask, Mark Archer and to Nikki
(My big glowluv to you both!)

Everything on this video was for a good cause, for promotion & information only.
Support the music and the masterminds behind it.
And remember that Hardcore is still alive, just evolved and renamed into Nuskool.

Peace - Love - Unity - Respect

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