Monday 24 December 2018

My Glowing 'TOP 5 Albums' Of 2018

Merry Xmas to all!! Ho Ho Ho!!
One more great music year comes to an end in a few days from now and I would like to reveal or better say get deeper and more elaborate to my Top 5 essential releases which brighted during this year on behalf of my recent research, article or call it disquisition @ Strictly Nuskool Blog about the 'Top of 2018'. An article which came alongside 
22 other contributors like Tariq Ziyad, BreakbeatScientist, Meaux Andromeda, Damage Inc, DJ Bagpuss, Ant To Be, Coco Bryce, FFF, The CrazyDutchman, Dave Skywalker, Mark Archer, Si 2 Bad Mice, DJ Shimamura, DJ Kushti, Nefti, Riffz, Saiyan, Insane & Mind, Indigo Virus, Jay Cunningham, DJ Jedi, The Lowercase & Mr. SPARKLe and of course yours truly.

So, five releases, each one picked for different reason and my numbered selection is random aside the new Prodigy album that always pays a key role deep inside me.
Kicking off with 'NO TOURISTS' then, which became the 6th consecutive album by the best live band to date, The Prodigy. An album which came for real out of nowhere including 10 'evil rave' (as Liam Howlett has described) tunes, moreover I gotta add that it's an almost 30 years of their music life mashed & summed up into these 10 tracks under a modern umbrella. Starting from a simple artwork of a routemaster bus that depics the destination Four Aces Club in Dalston (the landmark where back in February 1991 they made their first P.A. ever) transferring us to bangers such as 'Timebomb Zone' or 'Give Me A Signal' and 'We Live Forever' or the maybe most complete track off this album 'Light Up The Sky'.
I'd suggest to anyone, specifically if you love this album & the band to listen to my special showcase one of a few specials made throughout this year on Kniteforce Radio as it pays homage to the boys, taking a real exposure & huge support from fans & listeners from all around the globe.
The Prodigy 'NO TOURISTS' is a new era for the band, new tracks to drop live, new culture, new breed of fans and for one more time many steps forward than the rest. Not so many survived from the early days of 90s till present...Hands down, when a band like them are still active, with top chart releases and sold out gigs! Respect is due.  [BUY]

What can I say about Kniteforce? And to be honest, when the head honcho & KF big dad and almost 30yrs of Hardcore Rave age, Luna-C, has been very supportive & kind to me and my work within the scene... And now we live in days where Kniteforce,YES, the one & only legendary and longest Hardcore label, fam, crew and everything, has hit its 100th release! The whole concept of this huge release is outstanding as everyone remixes everybody. From Kniteforce Records to KFA and Knitebreed you can listen to Luna-C remixing Hyper On Experience, DJ Ham to Doughboy, Liquid to Audio X, Shadowplay to TNO Project and even more
crazy combos! 'THE TRIPLE THREAT' is an amazing release for this year, for the last 25, 26 years of Hardcore and something that you should not skip definetely! Out on 3 x 12" LP as well as 3CD (2 CDs unmixed + 1 CD mixed by DJ Brisk) this is a good treat and a godo threat! [BUY]

BOOYAKA! BOOYAKA! Remember that '92 slam by M-Beat? Well now it's 2018 (for a few days still) and believe it or not, we're dealing with (as I humbly described thousands of time) 'The Album of the Decade'. A collaboration of two friend labels and clear Hardcore Breaks, Sonic Fortress & Raveskol Recordings have teamed up uniting their crews and the result is a sorry.. a number of 54 tunes!!!
Top professional work which had been given the best promotion during this year (supported also on #GLOWBUZZ first episode) as it teased well everyone and eventually it received what deserved. Don't forget also the promo release of it, the 'BOOPLATES!'.
Although Sonic Fortress has been a bit muted on releases for a while, this time they showed everyone what is all about, and as far as I know there's more to come, but will keep my mouth or keybord mute for One way or another the crew is rolling all around events. Damage Inc. Finchman and all in are always top of the game!
And then, it's Raveskool Recordings driven by Paul Cronin. They have been an amazing Hardcore Breaks digital label during 2018 and every week a new release isn't something that we should mention about it.right?
'BOOYAKA!' is available on various formats like Digital, USB & 6 CD (4 Unmixed & 2 Mixed by Damage Inc. & DJ Remixx) and still available & forever massive. [BUY]

'CALLING THE HARDCORE Vol.1' is the answer to anyone doubting to the statement 'Hardcore Will Never Die'. A UK passionate team from Brighton has been shined properly from Brightons' beach vibes plus their eternal Hardcore Rave infection; all turned to become an amazing brand of audio/visual underground Hardcore raves where I had the chance to attend and make some special presentation & interview on #GLOWBUZZ. And, this November, this team has released the first volume of the self titled triplepack 12" LP with the likes of Oldskool legends, Ellis Dee, Ron Wells alongside Nuskool heroes, Dave Skywalker, Try Unity, Damage Inc., Systec and many more others! In addition to all these there's a stunning artwork by guru legend, Junior Tomlin. You can just tell, the most appropriate man for this field.
You got your copy yet? I did! And played it out with pride and a wide smile on my face. A smile which indicates the brightness of the future for the scene. A smile that's a good proof of everything positive & pure I've been receiving from this massive team of Calling The Hardcore, Rave Radio Records, Try Unity. 3 in 1 and all for the win! [BUY]

'TRIGGER HAPPY' is a secret combination of an underground character of a label offering amazing gems specified on '94-'95 Hardcore & Junglistic slams. Their first experiment was instantly successful as it was all sold out, followed by the second installment, which apparently achieved the same thing! Close to Vibes Wishdokta or Kniteforce, as well, this second volume and all four tracks are astonishing & addictive! You can find a few copies left around Redeye, Juno or Sozialistischer-Plattenbau. This is Limited and won't be repressed again! So, if you missed it just make sure for their next offering by contacting or simply following them on Soundcloud. [BUY]

Apart from the albums, I would like also to mention just a few standout new producers & labels that brightened during this year and you should get to know them better, because they'' make bigger things in the near future.

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Next days I'll post my Hall of Fame 2018 Mix for the duties of the Strictly Nuskool Blog. For those who don't know about it, it's an annual series of podcasts by myself & my good colleague & friend, Tariq Ziyad including our top of the top tunes of each year.
Till then, have a good time till NYE and fuel your day & night with wine and good dishes!

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