Thursday 6 December 2018

#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 004:: Calling The Hardcore from Brighton to East London [Interview w. TRY UNITY]

And it's here! A brand new episode of #GLOWBUZZ is your new dish, coming straight & direct, right after many hours of flight, hours of long trips, hours of raving, hours of editing, hours of buzzin on the drafts of it and hours that made me realize how much I do like this project!
Back from UK, after a really essential trip I had, taking some footage from there with the kind help of my UK bosom buddy Badboy Pete.
First things first, heading over to the Greenwich spot when it's time zero.
It's the start of everything. No time, no anxiety no routine, so onto a quick flight to get our mood prepared for the next shot, which is a backstage exclusive (and their first ever) video interview, with the magic Hardcore Breaks trio of TRY UNITY.
Founded in 2017 with already 4 personal EPs and various remixes & singles in labels like Sonic Fortress, Jedi Recordings, Remix Records; Sam, Francesca and Jimmy are great personalities, in addition to their major music talent and all I have to say is that they've embraced me proper that night of a massive 8hr Hardcore unity.

I'm very glad living up directly an event of the audio/visual brand of a rave "Calling The Hardcore" and I'd highly recommend that to everyone. This great Hardcore avid team brings a fresh air to Brighton turning to become BRIGHT-ON of Hardcore!

In addition to all these, I'd end up my blog stating that even tho I'm not British, I do respect the roots of this music & movement and I'm following that with my everything, representing its evolution by all means.

Being in the East London, specifically in Dalston Lane facing the Dalston Peace mural and at the site where the first ever club of Hackney, Four Aces Club (founded in late '60s by Newton Dunbar) used to be, has shivered me with euphoria, pride and something magic that I cannot describe. Maybe a hint of the second Summer of love, who knows...
Noteworthy the fact that my all time favourite band, The Prodigy, have given their first ever performance at the Four Aces Club back in February 1991, as a 5piece band with the female dancer Sharky on the lineup as well. It is said that the attendees were a crowd of 500 ravers max; while a week after they played in the same place again in front of thousands and around a month after, in front of 8,000 in Raindance!

Last but not least, we got the phenomenal Labrynth!
Well yes...A Greek guy who hasn't lived it up, but has heard so many great stories, words and watched videos from the legendary Oldskool era. A club run by Joe Wieczorek, and remains one of the longest UK raves as it completely fostered the movement back then! You see nothing at the moment due to a knock down of everything from it, despite the 25,000 signatures it garnered back then due to the reports.
However, Joe keeps running Labrynth nights and at the same day with "Calling The Hardcore" 004 event, he has held the 30th Anniversary of his own imprint, Labrynth,  on an amazing night that unfortunatelly I missed due to my Brighton visit.
At least I came back to its base, where it all started...

I don't want to fire you up with other words....
This episode means a lot to me. Ever episode is different, it has something to display, to educate the masses, but this one's has it all. A mixture of Oldskool with Nuskool...
I'd just like to thank from the bottom of my heart Damon, Akrivi, Badboy Pete, MC Strict, 2nzy/Damage Inc. as well as Sam, Fran and Jim!!
Nuff respect to those mentioned and to each on of you showing constant love to this video series..! Means a lot!


#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 004 
was originally shot in November 2018 all around East London/ Brighton.
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