Friday 2 November 2018

Interview with Martin James on behalf of his new book about The Prodigy!

2nd Movember. A big day for all warriors and supporters of the greatest live band in planet Earth, as we're having the countless pleasure to live a brand new album (7th in total) entitled "No Tourists".
And for anyone who slept on that, you can order your copies HERE.

In addition to all these I've managed getting an interview for the Strictly Nuskool Blog, with the established music journalist & professor of music life (I'd further describe) as well as a shinny person from UK. You can receive it from his large smile obviously.

Martin James is a man close to The Prodigy over the last 2 decades and has always lots to say, even more to write and express.
Some months ago he finally achieved his goal which was finalizing his personal 3year old project of a brand new book dedicated to The Prodigy. A book which will be followed by a second volume, all worked professionally including also exclusive and unseen material.

" We Eat Rhythm is only going to be available online via my Facebook pages and website. It’ll never go into shops or Amazon. I want to keep it personal. It would also increase the price considerably.
I will be doing the same with Part 2, which I’m aiming to finish by this time next year, will cover AONO to "No Tourists" and will include loads of unpublished interviews with Liam. It will also include a lot more fan stuff – in fact the final chapter will be dedicated to the fan story which has taken on a new life.
I’m currently talking to photographers about getting new unseen shots for the book."

Martin has also put his point of view about music journalism, as I was curious to hear his thoughts about this field.

"You’ve got to love writing, or making podcasts and vlogs. You have to feel a need to do this work. You also need a massive knowledge of all kinds of music – not just the music you like. Oh, and you also need to get on with people. In terms of writing I would say it’s too easy to slag people off so if you need to criticise make sure it’s well thought out.

But you have to be honest.
I’ve always been honest with Liam and I think that’s one of the reasons we get on. I had worries about the title of the new album and how it could be misunderstood by nationalists and told him. He didn’t mind, just made it very clear what he actually meant. Always best to speak your mind and ask the artist – just in case you’ve misunderstood. Make it cle and let the artist have a chance to explain."

You can read full interview on the link above:

We Eat Rhythm: The Prodigy Story – Part 1 (Prestige Edition)

Martin James (State of Bass Publishing)
isbn: 978-1-912419-35-7
Cost: £45.00 (plus p&p – UK £10, RoW £15)
DoP: Sept 1st, 2018

  • Hardback cover with foil block
  • 210 x 210mm
  • 210 pages
  • 128 images including fan artworks, previously unseen photos and snapshots from personal archives
  • Previously unpublished interviews with Sharky, Gizz Butt and more.
  • Limited run of 1,000 only
Direct order via PayPal to:
(Click friends & family and put your address in the message box)


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