Sunday 30 September 2018


While writing down this one, Manchester is surely dancing...
It's Saturday night and I've just returned from the cinema after watching an exclusive screening of  'Manchester Keeps On Dancing' as featured on Athens Film Festival 2018.

So, I've decided to sort out a blog about this music documentary, in terms of its educational role to old & new generations as well as the way it showcases Manchester as one of the most groundbreaking and pioneering music cities which play a key role into Dance music alongside as we all know cities like Chicago, Detroit, New York, Berlin, London (just to name a few).

'Manchester Keeps on Dancing' was directed from an appropriate man to set up this type of documentary, and that is Spanish TV director, producer and music passionate, Javi Senz who took the high responsibility to display something that had to be immense and eventually it has finally succeed its aim.
Although he's not from Madchester but from Madrid; the mad result totally pays homage to the phenomenal evolution of Dance music in this dark but bright city.
His full length music movie was officially selected by UK's music documentary based Doc'n Roll Film Festival, and was premiered last November in London on a big event co-hosted also by DJ Mag.

The audience will be getting to know about the culture and absorb a mixture of social & music tutorials specifically in depth interviews by various collaborators like Andrew Weatherall, Marshall Jefferson, Greg Wilson, Mike Pickering, Luke Unabomber, Justin Robertson, Dave Halslam, Carl Craig, Johnno Burgess, Laurent Garnier etc.
An indispensable tribute from the pre-Ha├žienda era of 60's Northern Soul movement to the arrival of Chicago House in 80's and the fast domination of Acid House to the growth of the Dance scene the last 30 years in a city, which has the ideal roots to keep on dancing to date! 
Twisted Wheels, Legends, Ha├žienda (including previously unseen footage, shot by Athony Wilson), Electric Chair, to Bugged Out nights and Jockey Slut magazine to present's time with The Warehouse Project represented by one of its longstanding troopers & residents like Krysko being also an indispensable part of this music movie.

'What Manchester does today, the world does tomorrow' sums up how this city & all contributors of this film, appreciate and respect the essential development of Dance music over there.

The movie has already various screenings from all around the globe like UK, France, Netherlands, Greece and there are good forthcoming plans for Germany, Italy and Australia. It's a must to watch film for any DJ, promoter or producer who respect Dance music and music culture in general. All in all it's a very entertaining, emotional and astonishing film that will inspire everyone for sure as Manchester keeps on dancing still...

The least we could all say is a 'Bigup' and 'Gracias' to Javi Senz and to all involved! Mission accomplished!

  • Director: Javi Senz
  • Cinematography: Matt Gathercole
  • Music Supervisors: Ralph Lawson & Raul Santos
  • Sound: Laro Basterrechea & Beltran Rengifo
  • Music: Ralph Lawson & Raul Santos
  • Color: Santiago Garcia
  • Graphics: Nick Barton
  • Production Company: Salon Indien Films
  • Distribution: Salon Indien Films
  • With: Krysko, Marshall Jefferson, Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Seth Troxler, Andrew Weatherrall, Andrew Spiro, Mike Pickering, Greg Wilson, Heidi, Justin Robertson, Ralph Lawson, Luke Unabomber, Dave Haslasm, James Holroyd, Colin Curtis, Mike Shaft, Will Tramp, Metrodome, Todd Terry, Dan Flynn, Eats Everything, Johnno Burgess, Kim Ann Foxman, Krystal Klear, Matt Ward, Taff Wilson & Zutekh.

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